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IN FAITH, HE....Devotional

Share Your Blessings

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JOY in Godly Entertainment!

I love to entertain and be entertained. In my youth, I delighted myself in attention motivated folly to entertain family and classmates. I entertained myself creating paper doll designs. For forty three of my adult years, I entertained clients from behind my hydraulic chair, while entertaining myself creating hair designs. Drawn in middle years to art classes, I quickly excelled in the natural media arts, mostly for the sake of entertainment.

We have a plethora of negative entertainment from which to choose. One option for Christians is to stop support of it! One solution would be for Christians to produce quality entertainment as the Holy Spirit works to change the hearts of man to seek it. God has given every new born believer gifts in which they can excel. It is by His instruction they be used for the Kingdom purpose. It is my belief that true JOY lies within fulfilling our need to use our talents with His enabling. We can attain this JOY at new heights once we realize it comes from serving Jesus first, Others second and ourselves third. Thus J>Jesus, O>Others and Y>You! It is quite alright to add yourself to the seeking of God's special JOY.

1Cor. 14:12 ...try to excel in gifts that build up the church.

You may not exhibit talents to entertain, paint, or write. I must confess, I have none of these without God's enabling. "IN FAITH, HE..." provides the inspiration to create a child's book. If I paint without Him, stick people are a good choice. Writing without Him, I am awkward and cannot communicate my thoughts. God must do it! When He does, this gives me great JOY in creativity.

Matt. 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said,

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." NIV

Seeking quality entertainment will create a demand for it! If you are called, help in its creation! Choose appropriate entertainment for yourself and your family that will honor God! Pray for God to direct your path; He will do it! The web is one source I use for sharing Jesus with the time and talents I am given. I hope to encourage other Christians to get involved in providing worthwhile entertainment in the internet. He created the internet for Himself!

Col. 1:16 ...all things were created by him and for him. NIV

Lord God,

Use this servant to help others find the JOY in knowing You! I commit the time and talents You have given to me to seeking Your will for what I am called to do! All Praise, Honor and Glory be to the true creator of all things, Jesus Christ! Amen!

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Curriculum JOY - Share Your Blessings!
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Fruit of the Spirit - JOY

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Fruit of the Spirit - JOY

Lesson for JOY - Share Your Blessings!

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