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One Year of Free Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for children

This is the one year daily devotional for children which accompanies my Animation Trail Illustrated Bible Study for children. Gramma Cherbear and the Kid Cave Critters provide these free bible study lessons and devotions on the awesome power Jesus has to change our attitudes and help us control our feelings. The bible verses, daily devotions and their daily prayers, all relate to the lessons which they have learned from the Critters during their study for the week. Children can be reminded daily of his love, keeping them focused on where their help comes from when they have choices between doing what is right and doing what would be against God's ways. My Critters love to share the Gospel with children and much of the focus in this study is on behavior with lessons from the bible on the Full Armor of God, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Ten Commandments taught with The Beatitudes, What's "New with Jesus," and many other life lessons. May God add His blessing to the teaching of the children through His Word! This devotional for children was published and distributed in all the public school of Fiji and given freely to children and their families as well. read more!

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