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Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

Path Seeker Verse
"So put on all of God's armor. Evil days will come.
But you will be able to stand up to anything.
And after you have done everything you can,
you will still be standing."
Ephesians 6:13
"Put on the helmet of salvation..."
Ephesians 6:17

Path Finder Lesson

Helmet of Salvation - Godliness

When we agree with God about what is right and what is wrong and asking Jesus to come into our hearts and be our Lord and Savior, that brings salvation to us. We become 'born again' in God's Spirit. That means we will live forever with Him in Heaven. Trusting God to save us is the beginning of our new life "In Christ." God wants to be the boss of our life. We must choose to obey and do what Jesus would do. When Jesus lives inside of us, Father God sees the goodness and rightness of His Son Jesus and calls us His children.


Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Son, Jesus and for His love for me. I am sorry for the wrongs that I have done and ask You to forgive me. I want Jesus to save me and live in my heart forever. Help me to be like Him. I need Your helmet of Salvation.

In Jesus Name,


Daily Trail Blazer Devotions
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