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Daily Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"But Lord, You are a god who is tender and kind.
You are gracious. You are slow to get angry.
You are faithful and full of love.
Psalms 86:15

Path Finder Lesson

Tender, Faithful Love

God is tender and kind. He gives us mercy when we have done wrong. He gives us many chances to do right. God is so full of love, the Bible says He IS Love. God's love is called AGAPE (ah-gaw-pay). Agape love means a "no matter what kind of love." God is faithful to forgive our wrongs. Jesus can live in our hearts. We need to ask Him to forgive us for the wrong things we do.

God puts us under His Umbrella of Grace.

Path Connection Prayer

Father God,

I understand that I do bad things. You call this sin. I ask You to fill my empty heart with Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Your Son. He was punished for my sins. He died for me on the cross because He loves me. My spirit is free! I ask Jesus to live in me. Please forgive the bad things I have done. Thank you for sending Your Holy Spirit to live inside of me. Help me to be like Jesus. Thank you God, for your wonderful plan. I am Your child! Jesus is my Lord and my very best Friend!


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