Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"Teach me to live as you command,
because that makes me very happy."
Psalm 119:35

Path Finder Lesson

Giant Leaps to Happiness

God wants us to obey Him because He knows that is what will bring us happiness. All of His commands are for our good. As we learn to walk with Him, each step leads us into a new level of happiness. God sometimes calls this kind of happiness "glory." Each time we obey and go His way instead of our own way, we take another baby step closer to Him. God would love for us to learn how to take GIANT leaps to His Glory!

Path Connection Prayer

Father God,

When I am tempted to do wrong, help me to turn to You and take my steps of obedience. I want to know what is right and take those giant leaps to happiness.


1. Giant Leaps to Happiness
2. Chasing the Wind
3. The Master's Happiness
4. The Master's Judgment
5. Remaining in Him



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