Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

Path Seeker Verse
"Become my servants and learn from me.
I am gentle and free of pride. You will find rest for your souls."
Matthew 11:29

Path Finder Lesson

Gentle and Free


Jesus humbled Himself, made himself as lowly man even though He was fully God. He is free of pride and He is gentle. He wants us to bring our cares to Him so He can give our souls, hearts, and minds wonderful rest and His perfect peace. As we serve Jesus, we are learning from Him. If God is not prideful, we should not be prideful. We need to be servants offering rest for the souls of others who are sad, tired and in need of rest.


Path Connection Prayer

Lord Jesus,

When I need rest I can find it in prayer and in the faith I have in You to do everything well. Help me have a gentle and free spirit as I serve those You place in my care.


Mon. Gentle and Free
Tue. Gentle Speech
Wed. Favor and Prayer
Thur. Respect Faithfulness
Fri. Tender Concern

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