Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"So don't be foolish. Instead,
understand what the Lord wants."

Ephesians 5:17

Path Finder Lesson

Seek God's Will

There is only one way to seek God's will. Reading His Word and asking for understanding to be given to you from His Holy Spirit will lead us in the ways of God. He has given us a wonderful road map for our lives and we call it The Bible. When we want to know what God wants us to do, we should always go to the Bible and pray for understanding. It is foolish of us to think that we could have a better way. God knows everything and He leads us with love.

Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I know that You know what is best for me. When I want to do things my way, guide me and bring me back to doing what is right.


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