Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"He saved us. It wasn't because of the good things we had done.
It was because of his mercy. He saved us by washing away our sins.
We were born again. The Holy Spirit gave us new life."

Titus 3:5

Path Finder Lesson

God's Mercy

When God gives us His Mercy, it means He gives us a free give that we really did not deserve. We can do nothing to save ourselves. Jesus saved us because He loves us with a love that never leaves us. He loves us when we are good and He loves us when we are bad. God hates evil things that we do. He hates for Satan to harm us by tricking us into doing bad things. He washes away the sins of those who believe in Jesus. It is by God's mercy that we can be saved. We call this God's grace! Everyday, He gives His grace to His children.

Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Forgive me when I do not do what is right. Have mercy on me when I sin. Help me to learn more each day, about how I can be more like Jesus.

In Jesus Name


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