Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

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Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"Scripture says that Jesus is " 'the stone you builders did not accept. But it has become the most important stone of all.' You can't be saved by believing in anyone else. God has given us no other name under heaven that will save us."
Acts 4:11-12

Path Finder Lesson

Corner Stone

Jesus is called the "Corner Stone," or the "Cap Stone." in the Old Testament. The corner stone or cap stone in a building is one that has to be there, or the building will fall down. God tells us there is no other god besides Jesus, whom we can believe in and be saved. Jesus is the only Name that can save us into a forever life with God in Heaven. Jesus died for us, but He came back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was taken up to Heaven and made our way there possible. Jesus is Lord!

Path Connection Prayer

Father God,

You gave us a new life through Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for showing us the way to You.

In Jesus Name


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