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The Animation Trail devotions for children deal with real life issues that face our children everyday. When growing up, I did not learn about the awesome power Jesus has to change our attitudes and help us control our feelings. I did not realize the Holy Spirit's role, to comfort, enable and convince us of sin. I did not learn to cry out to Jesus for help until I was no longer a youth. These wonderful life changing messages escaped me as I learned of Bible stories. I could have been taught these deeper things of God. I was in church. But if so, they did not stick! Could we try harder to make sure our children hear! I pray God will give that ability to these devotional messages, as well as to the books He has enabled me to write.

I love all the stories of the Bible. God lives in them. However, you can be sure that if I refer to a Bible story, I will make sure the children understand that it is not a story. It is real life with real people knowing and loving God. The Biblical accounts of God's working in the lives of Jonah, Daniel, David, Joshua, Moses and all the rest, should be taught with a very real emphasis on the fact that these were people God chose to reveal Himself to because of their extreme love for Him.

Everything I create in the Kid Cave and the Teeen Cave is meant to help parents and teachers teach the Power of God, and the Heart of God. My hope is that children will watch for God as He works in their lives. When I began to watch what He was doing and recognized that it was all from my loving Savior, I began to love God the way He wants to be loved. Submissively! Obediently! Unconditionally! With unrestrained worship for Him! I have learned to put Christ in the center of my life, holding first place above everyone and everything else.

Jesus is the answer to all of life's questions. Children should be taught at an early age that God is All Powerful, All Knowing, and Always Present. That He has a perfect plan for their lives. There is excitement in the seeking of His will! Most grown ups don't know these things. Many have not learned that God wants to be tested about His promises. We can't test Him if we don't know the promises. We should tell them that God has a Perfect Will and a Permissive Will. Can you teach that if you do not understand it yourself?

Miracles are real. God's Miracle Power is one blessing only He can give us. His Sustaining Power is another and probably more important for them to learn. Character building and molding are a part of God's love for us.

Let us not sell our kids short by assuming they cannot learn these things. God says we are to bring them up memorizing and hiding His Words on their hearts. Children can usually memorize better than adults.

Church became more exciting to me when I realized that God wanted to meet me there in a very special way. He was waiting for me to lift Him up in praise. He wanted me to fellowship with the body of believers. He was waiting for me to give Him all of me, so that He could give me All of HIMSELF! What an Awesome God!

We do serve an Awesome God who longs for our love for Him to be as unconditional as His Love is for us. I believe children need to see our love for God and watch as we lift up our hands to praise and love our King. What freedom I have experienced since I decided to follow my heart in worshipping the God I love.

Let's teach the children everything we can about the Power and the Love of Our Almighty God. The Name above all names. Jesus Christ the Messiah! Let's teach them the connections between the Old and New Testaments. Let's tell them how much God loves the Jew and wants them to know their Savior. Hate does not come from God, unless it is to hate sin. Teaching children to hate sin but love the sinner with HIS Love at an early age could go a long way in reducing the hate crimes that are committed in the world today.

God did not make His will for us and His love for us that hard to understand. Submission to God and death to self wants are not that difficult to grasp. Harder to do maybe, but not difficult to grasp. That's where learning to cry out to God to help us live as He wants us to live comes in.

God has spoken to me about our teens as well. I had to think, "what would I want to be taught if I were a teen today." I decided to teach them the things that brought me close to God and brought me into the decision of total submission to Him. The Teen Cave is an exciting challenge for me and I praise God for this opportunity to speak to our youth.

I pray God will take the few words that I use and the Kid Cave characters and teach my visitors about Jesus and the victory God has given us over the temptations of Satan, our flesh, and this sinful world. I want to tell about His Saving Grace through Jesus Christ, His birth, life, death and resurrection. My hope is to help them to know Him and accept eternal life with God, which can only come through His Son.

Praise, Honor and Glory to Him for using this unlikely Gramma who loves Him with a whole heart. May the Peace and Joy of the Lord be yours!

In Jesus Name, Amen

Christian Family Devotional

Gramma Cherbear

One Year of Weekly Illustrated Bible Studies and Daily Devotions for Kids and Teens!

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