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I do not recommend books, book clubs or other products that I would not use myself or believe to be of great benefit to my audience. It is not my intention to profit from this website, but to bring information to you on how to teach your children or the children in your class settings, in a meaningful, and interesting way to the best of my ability concerning the content of the Holy Bible and what I believe to be the truth of God's Word.
I recommend checking your local library before purchasing the books recommended, and the better business bureau before dealing with companies you are not familiar with. I am not responsible for the experiences you may have in contacting the companies I have listed as they stand on their own merit.
I am trying to cancel all advertisement accounts such as Google, Amazon and Commission Junction and if you find a stray ad on my site, let me know which page it is on so I can delete it. I will be watchful in the future, and will always seek to support and serve you.Thank you!
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Child Protective Policy Practices at Cherbear's Den and the Kid Cave!
To Parents!
About the Kid Cave and the Newsletter
The purpose of The Kid Cave Newsletter is to inform children of changes in the Kid Cave. I will announce new pages, books, illustrations and devotions to them on a weekly basis. This is a fun newsletter and is designed to entertain as well as inform!


You may give a first name or nickname of your child to be used to welcome him or her (them) to the Kid Cave Newsletter.
I will use this name(s) in the display box of the e-mail address you supply to me for the purpose of sending the newsletter to your child with your permission.
Children under 13 years of age need to have a parent sign them up. If a child attempts to sign without your permission, I will try to contact you for confirmation. If none is received, I will not be able to add the child to the list.
Parents may use their own name if they wish!
Notice: I do not give any information to third parties.


Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule


The regulations include several exceptions that allow operators to collect a child's email address without getting the parent's consent in advance. These exceptions cover many popular online activities for kids, including contests, online newsletters, homework help and electronic postcards. Prior parental consent is not required when:

          an operator collects a child's or parent's email address
          to provide notice and seek consent;

          an operator collects an email address to respond to a
          one-time request from a child and then deletes it;

          an operator collects an email address to respond more
          than once to a specific request - say, for a subscription
          to a newsletter. In this case, the operator must notify the
          parent that it is communicating regularly with the child
          and give the parent the opportunity to stop the communication
          before sending or delivering a second communication to a child;
Important Notice: Always accompany your child when they pick up e-mail, protect them from offensive "spam" mailings. If a child wishes to sign him or herself for this newsletter I will need the parent to confirm the online subscription, if the child is under the age of 13 years of age. You may do this by e-mail or by sending confirmation to the address below. Thank you!
This site is created and maintained by Gramma Cherbear and her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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All copyrights © 1995  to (current date) by Gramma Cherbear