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Christian Children's Literature, Childrens Story Books, Weekly Bible Studies and Daily Devotions for Christian Children, Youth and Grown Ups too! There are over 650 pages to explore.

Hi Kids!

Each one of Gramma Cherbear's Critters are very different; Just like you and your friends are different from each other. They want to teach you that God loves YOU and wants you to love Him and other people, too!

Joshua Jackrabbit is realaxed and "Oh, so easy to love." He is a peaceful fellow, but does not always get everything just right. He teaches, we can all make mistakes even when we do not mean to! He brings much joy to the family and to all the critters of the Kid Cave Forest.

Cami Cub is a happy, caring little bear cub. She watches out for the rest of the critters and sometimes also falls into troubles. She can teach us much about being a caring friend and using God's power every day to help others!

Emmi Squirrel is a bit shy. She loves to share with others and she is such a "sweet heart" Her loving ways help her to teach about God's special love as she trusts him to use others to help her daily rely on Him.

Liam Leapfrog is not hard to hear and a lively frog indeed! He makes himself known to all in the forest. He has a streak of mischief but always intends to do what is right. It is not always easy being the smallest of the critters. He makes up for his size as he brings a lot of good news about God's ways!

Gramma Cherbear has a cave in the Kid Cave Forest and she and the critters attend the Kid Cave Calvary Church. To learn how Gramma Cherbear found her critters and they became a family click for the story!

The Critters Story

You are important to Jesus and He is with you every day to help you and guide you. He hears and speaks to you in your prayers to Him. He speaks to you in The Bible, through other Christians and even in your every day life. If you learn to hear Him speak in all these ways, it will be much easier to follow the trail He has planned for you. I hope you will enjoy the lessons God has for you. I will pray to hear His voice in these ways too, so I can write and paint the lessons for you.

God Bless You!

In Cherbear's Den you will find illustrated books for kids, one year of illustrated weekly Bible studies, coloring pages and daily devotions for children and preteens in Animation Trail Christian Bible Study and Teen Trails of Truth for Youth. Gramma Cherbear and her Critters teach the Bible with weekly illustrated lessons from the Kid Cave Forest, with coloring pages, daily devotions and prayers, as well as a complete curriculum guide for Sunday School and Kids Church Teachers. We will study subjects of behavior with subjects God has given us of importance, such as the Ten Commandments with the Beatitudes, the Fruits of the Spirit, the Full Armor of God, and What is New when we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord! We will learn of the character of God in studies about, His Agape Love, and the Faith and Hope Jesus gives to us freely! Christian Holidays are much fun in the Kid Cave Forest and there are extra pages in Cherbear's Den to help you enjoy what God has done to make us His very own children!

Gramma Cherbear tells you many times how to become God's child! You will find these ways listed in our Gospel for Kids page and Gospel for Preteens page.

These studies are rewritten for youth and teenagers in the Teen Cave Enlighten Me Caverns, where I have added a full year of Weekly Biblical Insight Devotional with memory verses to enhance your study as well. There are Bible Studies for young teens and mature teens in these Caverns. You can learn about all the Names of God in the Bible, why the Name of Jesus is so important, and how we shoud treat His Name with thanksgiving and prayer. You will learn some important facts about the four Gospels and how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were selected to be the Writers of the Gospels.

It is our prayer that you learn much and praise God, giving thanks to Him as Gramma Cherbear, "shares" what the Lord has given to her. We thank Him that many of His children will gain a closer walk with Jesus through these lessons and devotions. Thank you for visiting! Bookmark and come back often! I have many plans to add to these studies and you never know what God may want to show you here at Cherbear's Den, the Kid Cave and the Teen Cave!

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Missionaries, Kid Church and Sunday School Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers may write for permission to use my Bible Studies curriculum and devotions in their study times, Sunday School classes and Kid's Church.

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