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Welcome to Cherbear's Easter Pages!

Thank you for visiting! God Bless you this Easter Season! HE LIVES! He has offered His wonderful gift of salvation to all, for all have sinned and come short of God's glory. You cannot do one thing, no act, no work that will earn your salvation. Jesus paid the price so you do not have to. Accept the gift and begin your wonderful journey in a close relationship with Him. That is what He desires from you, your unconditional love for Him. Just as He gave His unconditional love for You! Go with God! Your Easter Caverns are just a short scroll away!

Featuring three great Easter Story Books!

Easter for the Lamb of God | My Bible Shapes Book | What is Salvation?

Easter is for the Lamb of God takes you through the ABC's of E-A-S-T-E-R

My Bible Shapes Book is for a toddlers or preschoolers introduction into the Bible.

What is Salvation? is a great way to share the gospel of Christ with children!

Below find fun activities to do with your children for Easter!

The Ascension, He's Alive

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In this illustration, Jesus is looking up to the Father with one hand stretched out over the world He died to save. What a wonderful day, when He arose from the dead and was seated at the right hand of the Father, to be our intercessor. He is the only way! I hope you know the wonderful victory we have in Jesus our Lord!

I hope you will take time to visit other pages at Cherbear's Den where Gramma Cherbear and her Critters teach the Bible to children, preteens, teens, parents and teachers. There are over 600 pages in the Den with many Caverns to Explore. Bible Studies with daily and weekly devotions for all ages. Each Cave you enter is a new adventure into a labor of love for our Lord!


Gramma Cherbear's Critters Introduce our Easter pages for Children! click the Critters!

Christian Family Devotional

For Kids!
and for Grown Ups!

Other fun Easter Activities!

Resurrection Easter Cookie Recipe! / Resurrection Easter Rolls Recipe!



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