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A Christian Easter Story Book of God's Great Love for the very young. It is never to early to begin learning of the Love of Jesus Christ and we can teach children what the Easter message of Salvation is all about. This Bible Shapes Book takes preschoolers and young children through the bible's redemption theme in a simple and to the point account, all the way from Genesis to the Gospel of John!

Christian Family Devotional

My Easter Bible Shapes Book


Gramma Cherbear




The Triangle of God.

Triangle is for the three persons of God!

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.






God's love for Noah was in the shape of a Rectangle.

Rectangle is the shape of the Ark Noah built.

God kept Noah,his family and all the animals safe in the Ark.







The Arrow is the shape that leads us.

The Holy Bible is God's Word to point us in the way we should go!







God's love can be seen in the shape of a heart.

He wants us to know about His Great Love.

He sent His Son Jesus to tell us!







It was the shape of the Star

that showed the way to Bethlehem.

God put a shiny bright Star over the city

to bring the people to the baby Jesus.






The Square is a sign of perfection.

Each side of the Square is the same.

God's Son was perfect in every way.

God wants us to be like Jesus!







Jesus was God's only Son.

The Cross is another shape of God's love!

Jesus loved us and wanted to take all our punishment on the Cross.




The circle is the shape of the stone

that was rolled away where Jesus was buried.

This is the shape of God's Power.

God's Spirit took Jesus back to Heaven to live with Father God.

Now we can go to heaven too!








The Oval is the shape of eternity. Eternity never ends.

Asking Jesus to live in our heart is how we can live with God forever.





The Diamond is the shape of a jewel!

When we go to heaven, Father God gives us a crown of jewels.

This is our reward for living the way Jesus teaches us to live.

We love Jesus so much that we give Him our crowns.

Jesus is the one who gives us a new life with God forever!

We Love You, Jesus!

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