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How Did I Get Here? Cherbear's Testimony

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In Faith, He...

Faith Devotions for adults

What's New "In Christ"

#1 Evangelize

#2 Enable

#3 Commit

#4 Vision

#5 Molding

#6 Confirm

Valenines Day

#1 Prepare

#2 Sacrifice

Ten Commandments

#1 Trust

#2 Devotion

#3 Respect

#4 Holiness

Palm Sunday

#1 Repent

Easter Sunday

#2 Salvation

Cont. Commandments

#5 Honor

#6 Grace

#7 Loyalty

#8 Integrity

#9 Truth

#10 Contentment

Full Armor of God

#1 Prayer

#2 Armor
#3 Attitude

8 weeks Fruit of Spirit

#1 Self Control

#2 Faithfulness
#3 Gentleness
#4 Kindness
#5 Patience
#6 Peace

#7 Joy

#8 Love


Still to come-48 Running From Ninneveh


Still to come-47Angered Flesh / Lord of Peace!


Still to come-07The Comforter



#1 Deceit

#2 Unbelief




#1 Promote Peace

#2 Give Thanks

Build Up



#1 Search


#2 Rejoice


How Did I Get Here?

I uploaded Cherbear's Den and the Kid Cave in August of 1998 as a way to share my books until they are published. When I first uploaded, I thought visitors might benefit from learning of the events that shaped my faith. I wrote an occasional testimony for what God was doing in my life and began the In Faith, He...Devotional. As time went on, I received many positive comments and ministry opportunities though the devotions. Pastor Jim Barr, and Net 153 began to ask if I would help them occasionally with an article. I confessed my lack of education in writing, and explained I could only write under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. That was what they wanted, so I reluctantly agreed. Gaining confidence in this has been my biggest challenge. Randomly, I received a burst of inspiration, usually to help a friend in need.

Around the End of 1998, God awoke me in the middle of the night as He often does, and began to give me titles for the devotions for children, which actually became bible studies for the kids . I received 37 that night and as time passed, God revealed the Bible verse and lesson content that He would have me use for each title. I created them as inspiration for the illustrations, subject matter, and the time of year best suited the subject and verse.

I started to work on the Kid Cave critters, using inspiration from my grand children and eventually came up with a character or two. Then visions began to come for what I would do with them in the illustrations. In August of 1999, I uploaded the first devotion thinking I could do maybe one per month. A very good friend in the web corrected me by indicating that I really needed to make this a weekly devotional. I thought there was no way I could create them weekly. I prayed and stepped out in faith and God flooded me with all the inspiration I could handle.

After completing the Kid's Devotions through Thanksgiving 1999, I received a new challenge. I rewrote the kid's lessons for the Teen Cave and then it came to me; I needed to have a devotion for parents to match each one in the Kid & Teen Caves. This would enable entire families to study the same lesson. This was an awesome task for a non-writer to envision. "Fear" consumed me. This has happened to me so many times and God has been faithful to bring my encouragement. He has never failed to accomplish what He calls me to do. Another giant leap of faith has brought me this far.

Amazing God that He is...He knew I would have to have confirmation about all this being what He WAS calling me to do. As I began my "In Faith, He" page, I began looking for anything I could use for the adult devotions, with just a little jostling of the order, it was all matching up. I cannot tell you how excited I was, and the churning that was taking place in my spirit. As fast as that came to me, another challenge came to my heart. I must have a real life experience to back up what I have written. Wow! I began to go to each one. My life was lining up in order from the time I had given my time and talents to God. Did you hear that? My life experiences with the God of the Universe were in order with the devotional! That was my confirmation!

Through many more difficulties life has thrown my way, I was delayed for an extended period of time. In 2002 my ministry was halted. God kept this site going without me for a very long time. A few years ago, I started cleaning up the site, learning new programs and reinventing the work in this ministry. Everything continues to fit together. I have a much improved vision and I believe a better understanding of how to proceed with these devotions. In 2012 I began to write again and you can follow the progression here or once a week and I list them here. Now I have only to obey...write and create...and see what God wants to do with all He is giving me to do! My prayer is that I am able to listen and hear, see and do what He has put before me. And that all who come receive His Blessings! Amen

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