Seed of Woman

Son of Abraham

Son of Isaac

Son of Jacob

Tribe of Judah

Throne of David


Time of birth

Born of a virgin

Slaughter of babies

Called up out of Egypt

Forerunner for Jesus

Son of God

Office of Christ

Galilean Ministry

A prophet

Heal the broken-hearted

Rejected by the Jews

Rejected by Jews & Gentiles

Priest like Melchizedek

Triumphal entry

Betrayed by a friend

Sold for 30 pieces of silver

False witness

Silent to accusers

Spat upon



Crucified with thieves

Pierced hands and feet

Mocked II Kings


Vinegar & gall


Prayer for enemies

Gambled for coat


Bore our sickness, grief

No bones broken

Side pierced

Buried with the rich


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