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Trusting Jesus as your Savior and Lord
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Freedom for America!

We live as free people in America. We are not slaves to any man!
What is a slave?
Who is a master?

Freedom comes in different ways. Our nation won its freedom on the battlefields. We had to fight to keep us and others free. Many people gave their lives as a sacrifice to keep our nation free. They have died for what was right. They wanted to protect the freedom of their children. Our freedom has been purchased and won with the lives of these brave Americans.

"Greater love has no man, but that he lay down his life for his neighbor.

    Let us thank God for their sacrifice. They died so we can be free! Pray with the children!


What kind of freedoms do we have because they loved us enough to die for us?

We have never been slaves. It might be hard to imagine a life without being free. Try to name a few! We must always protect out freedom. Our most important freedom is our freedom to worship God! Some countries cannot!


The United States Flag is a way we tell other we are free. Let's make One!

Make a US Flag from white construction paper....have blue squares ready to paste in the corner (you can mark where it goes if the children are young). Make stripes of red a few that will just represent what is in the flag....Give each a creative number of star stickers).

God's Freedom for us!

God says in His Word, we have been set free from sin. He does not want us to be slaves to people, our sinful "wanter," or to Satan's attempts to fool us.

God wants to be our Master! He can teach us to live right. He has made a way for us to be free from our sins so we can live forever with Him in heaven!

When we become God's children: What are we set free from? How were we set free? Who is our Master?

Our freedom from sin and freedom from being separated from God forever was won on the battlefield too! A battle between Satan and Jesus Christ had to take place. Jesus fought our battle for us. He gave His life so we could be free. He protected the spiritual freedom of His children. He won the victory when He came back into a new life with Father God. Jesus gave his life on the cross for something He cherished too. You and me!


Why did Jesus die?

He died to save us from our sins and to make a way for us to know God in a personal way. He wanted us to live with Him forever in heaven!

"So if the Son of Man sets you free, you will really be free.
John 8:36

Telling others about Jesus is one way to tell others we are free! We can let our light shine for Jesus!


(explain "little light" "the blue" and "glory land" before you start)"This Little Light of Mine."

verse 1. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
repeat twice
Way beyond the blue.
** Chorus: Do Lord, Oh do Lord, Oh do remember me.
repeat twice
Way beyond the blue.
verse 2. I took Jesus as my Savior. You take Him too!
repeat twice
Way beyond the blue.
verse 3. I've got a home in Glory Land, that out shines the sun.
repeat twice
Way beyond the blue.

Trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Jesus replied, "What I am about to tell you is true.No one can see God's kingdom unless he is born again."..."The Spirit gives birth to spirit."John 3:3,6b

What do we need to do!


Jesus tells us we must be "born again." He is talking about our spirit. Our heart needs to be made right with God! Our spirit has to be connected to God's Spirit. When we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we become "born again" in our spirit. Our hearts belong to Jesus. Our spirit can be set free when God's Spirit lives in our heart.

"...Christ is the go-between of the new covenant (promise).Now those God calls to Himself will receive the eternal gift He promised."
Hebrews 9:15

Please pray with me!

Father God,

I understand that I do bad things. You call this sin. I ask You to fill my empty heart with Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Your Son. He was punished for my sins. He died for me on the cross because He loves me. My spirit is free! I ask Jesus to live in me. Please forgive the bad things I have done. Thank you for sending Your Holy Spirit to live inside of me. Help me to be like Jesus. Thank you God, for your wonderful plan. I am Your child! Jesus is my Lord and my very best Friend!



If you prayed this prayer in your heart and you asked Jesus to come into your heart, tell your Church School teacher or Pastor that you did. They will want to guide you in God's Word!

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Celebrate Freedom

Those who belong to Christ Jesus are no longer under God's sentence.I am now controlled by the law of the Holy Spirit.That law gives me life because of what Christ Jesus has done.It has set me free from the law of sin that brings death."

Romans 8:1-2

Mercy and Forgiveness for the Nation!

Pray for our Nation!

"if my people, who are called by my name, (NIV) make themselves low in my sight.They pray and look at me. And they turn from their evil ways.Then I will listen to them from heaven. I will forgive their sin. And I will heal their land..."
2Chronicles 7:14

Pray the people of America will keep God first in their hearts!

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