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New Years for Christian preteens and early teens - What's New With Jesus These are six lessons in the Trails of Truth Bible Study for Teens that deal with our New Life when we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord.


New Years for Christian Kids- What's New With Jesus These are six lessons in the Animation Trail Bible Study for Kids that deal with our New Life when we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Valentine's Day Chrisitan Holiday Cavern for Kids My site is largely dedicated to children, so it should be no surprise that this Valentine's Page would be for them. I hope you will enjoy and take your kids to teach them about the love God has for children!

Valentine's Day Christian Holiday Cavern is a Valentine message from Gramma Cherbear to those who wish to possess a "Pure Heart," and written by my Net friend, Teresa Kindred. She was lead by God to send it to me to use how I wished...I think it is worthy of a thorough study!

St. Patrick's Day Christian Holiday Cavern Luck or Blessings from God? This holiday page is also for children, but they will need the guidance of an adult to follow it. Please take your kids through this wonderful lesson on how we can be Blessed by God!

Easter Christian Holiday Cavern The story of Salvation for Adults and Grown ups together with a special viewing of my painting of the Ascension of Christ. Easter is for The Lamb of God! My Easter page for Kids. Bunny's, Chicks, and Eggs take a back seat to the Lamb of God. This page is designed as a Salvation tract for children. What is Salvation? for kids This is a book about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, easy for children to understand, and you will find a wonderful Easter Cookie and Easter Rolls recipes for your parents to help you bake the night before Easter Sunday! Please view this with your child! Easter is for JESUS is a page presenting the gospel to tots, in the form of the shapes in the Bible. Don't miss Easter Dovotions with the Kid Cave Critters. April #2 & 3 'Bridging the Gap' and 'Heavenly Ascent'.

4th of July Christian Holiday Cavern at Cherbear's Den Celebrate the 4th and find links to Government offices and Christian organizations involved our Government. 4th of July for Teens Celebrate Freedom, American Heritage, In God We Trust, Faith of Our Fathers, and our Shield of Faith are the topics you will explore. These topics from a different view at 4th of July for Kids. This 4th of July Celebrate Independence and Your Ancestors. Submit your Family Tree and we'll do the work for you.


Fall Fun Festival Halloween Christian Holiday Cavern Gramma Cherbear's Critters host a Fall Fun Fest as they celebrate the victory Jesus gave us over Satan and his evil ways. Also see The Campfire Lights the Darkness pts 1 and The Campfire lights the Darkness pt2, in the Animation Trail Bible Studies.


Thanksgiving Christian Holiday Cavern Read about the tradition of the Five Grains of Corn and other bits- of - praise. Don't Miss! Thanksgiving celebration in the Kid Cave November, Watch for the Sunset pt1 and Watch for the Sunset pt 2. Gramma Cherbear uses the Animation Trail Critters to give us a lesson on being thankful in all things.

Christmas Christian Holiday Cavern Learn about the origin of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Prophets foretelling of the coming of the Messiah. What's in the Name above all names? There is more too! Go on in. You will have fun!

Don't miss the Christmas celebration in the Kid Cave December 'Charting the Course' and 'Star Light, Star Bright'. The Critters have a special announcement for the kids.

Missionaries, Kid Church and Sunday School Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers may write for permission to use my Bible Studies curriculum and devotions in their study times, Sunday School classes and Kid's Church.

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