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This is "Happy Frog."

He is tooting his horn about what the Lord Has Done for and at Cherbear's Den!

Giving all the glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ for the work He has done!

Christian Family Devotional

Dear Gramma Cherbear,
You would not believe how much people have been blessed! We only printed 3,000 copies
for schools, but when word got around, we had the phone ringing and people going to the
Scripture Union office to get copies. When we saw the demand, we had to place a limit 
and distributed one copy per family only. We ran out in the first week of June! Schools are
using it for their school devotions each morning. So its in schools and in family devotions!
We are trying to raise funds to reprint it again.. Many, many thanks indeed. We are greatly
indebted to you for your generosity and kindness.
We certainly will be keeping in touch.
Much love and blessings,

If you would like to donate to Scripture Union, Fiji, to get more of these books in the hands of families and students in Fiji... I'm pretty sure it could be a great tax deduction for some of you who are looking for a worthwhile charity. 

Gramma Cherbear recently (July 2011) gave permission for Scripture Union Fiji to publish her

One Year of Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for Kids in their "Daily Manna."

I was so pleased with the way they respectfully handled my materials and will cherish the book they sent to me at it's completion in April of 2012. The book is being distributed freely to students and teachers in Fiji!

"Scripture Union Fiji is part of the Scripture Union International Movement, an international Christian charity working with churches, schools and the community by providing resources to bring the good news about Jesus Christ to children, young people, adults and families, and by encouraging them to develop spiritually through Bible study and prayer. SU Fiji also runs school-based activities and holiday camps amongst other annual events. A network of volunteers assists with activities and programs."(from the Contents page of Daily Manna)

"We appreciate and praise God for the life and ministry of Gramma Cherbear, a lady from the USA who wrote the devotions used in this guide. Please pray for her as she continues to produce materials for children everywhere. She has given permission for the use of her work to help children in Fiji provided they are not used for commercial purposes." (from the Appreciations page of the Daily Manna and written by Emi Rabukawaqa). I am honored to have had the privilege to help the children of Fiji!

It's been a long time coming! Praise God I am back full swing into this ministry! So happy to be returning!

My favorite honor...

This one gave me chills and such a warmness and gratitude for being called to this ministry:

Email to ... Gramma Cherbear
Subject ..."Thank You"
Message ..."I love you,"
Signed ... Milea
Thank you Lord...for Your Faithfulness, you bring my encouragement from unexpected places!

I list honors from the bottom up, as given, the blessings and honors God has bestowed upon this Ministry!

Thank you Lord...for Your Faithfulness!

Site Of The Week

January 4/2002

The Site of The Week is chosen based on a combination of appearance, content and relevance to the Christiancommunity and to those we all serve. DramaShare applauds and recognizes a first-class site! Go visit!

Christian Children's Literature by Gramma Cherbear


Gramma Cherbear

Happened upon your site when surfing, very nice! It is nice to run
across another site involved in promoting Christian concepts through a
well-designed web site. We work with over 4,000 ministries in 49
countries around the world, many now have web sites.

We have developed our DramaShare Exceptional Christian web site award
program through which we try to recognize superior Christian sites, and
to drive more visitors to them. How do we do this? Recently we were
informed by an independent Internet ranking organization,
"WebsMostLinked.Com", that our web site is ranked in the top 7% of the database. Realize this includes all commercial
search engines, as well as people such as Microsoft, ebay, universities,
everyone! We consider this quite a monument to what God is doing on the
Internet today!

We are pleased to offer our award to you and have attached the graphic
file to this note. Please place this graphic on your links page and
link back to:

Let us know when this has happened, and include the url address of the
page on which you have pasted the graphic and link, and we will complete
the link at this end.

May God bless your ministry, dramatically!

Judy Alexander
for DramaShare
Call Order Desk toll-free 1-877-DO-DRAMA (363-7262)
DramaShare supports those involved in Christian Drama Ministry,
world-wide, with How-to manuals, scripts, seminars and resources.


I was pleased to give permission to a large Christian Kid's Camp in Honduras to translate the Animation Trail Bible studies into Spanish and be used as a study curriculum for their kids. You can learn more about this ministry at westshorechurch/honduras


St. John's Church, Bangalore, India

will be using Animation Trail Bible Lessons and Daily Trail Blazer Devotions in their weekly church magazine.


Cherbear's Den is a featured site in this prestigious software program. 11/24/00

Surf-in-the-Spirit honors page

Thank You "Surf-in-the-Spirit" for this honor!

Thank You Barbara's Entourage for this award! 06/28/00

Barbara has featured various pages in Cherbear's Den in her Newsletter throughout the year 2000 and 2001

May 2000

Visit the Teen Cave at Cherbear's Den!

April 2000

Skewl Sites asked if I would write an article for the Skewl Sites Newsletter in April 2000.
They are hosting a seminar at the Alberta Homeschool Educators Association (AHEA) conference.
This is a Christian based organization and this Newsletter will be distributed at the convention.
Education on the Internet A Christian Gramma's Perspective
by Gramma Cherbear

March 20, 2000

I am so honored to have the book "Colors for Africa" hand picked and added into this program for children! They awarded my site and I am so thankful for the attention! This is excellent...check it out!

January 14, 2000

Cherbear's Den and the Kid Cave Featured
A wonderful article was written presenting Cherbear's Den and the Kid Cave to teachers and homeschooling parents in the January 2000 issue of this Skewl Sites Newsletter. Written in PDF format, this is a wonderful resource that can be printed and referenced over and over.

Thank you for your interest in Cherbear's Den!

If you would like to read the Skewl Sites article, click here!


Animation Trail Devotions for Kids

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as the
"Christian Web Site of the Day" for

December 13, 1999.

Thank You Songs of Praise!

This Christmas Site is featured in the December 7th, 1998, issue of the Gospel Communications Networks,

Internet For Christians Newsletter:


Thank you IFC staff for this honor and recognition!

Internet for Christians Newletter
Quentin J. Schultze) Gospel Communications International, Inc.

Pastor Barr has featured three of my faith messages from In Faith, He....
for the Months of May and June and August, 1999, on his Net 153 Web Site.
Supply and Demand Quality Entertainment
Agape Love in Marriage and the Home/Agape Love In and For Jesus Christ
Worry and Stress vs. Faith and Trust
You can read them at

Cherbear's Den is featured in the October 25th,1999,
Animation Trail (AT), a delightful devotional for young children and their parents, addresses the Halloween issue in "The Campfire Lights the
Darkness." Children will learn about God's Word that lights our path with truth. Parents will want to bookmark AT, a weekly devotional that teaches Christian values and beliefs. Meet Cami Cub, Joshua Jackrabbit, Emmi Squirrel and Liam Leapfrog, created by Cherbear, author and illustrator of Kids' Cave, a place for kids to explore, have fun, and learn about Christ.
The Campfire Lights the Darkness
Cherbear's Devotional Trail
Thank you, Peggie and the staff at IFC. What a wonderful surprise this was!
--This article courtesy of Internet for Christians Newsletter
Copyright 1998 Quentin J. Schultze) Gospel Communications International, Inc.

Cherbear's Den is featured in the August 17, 1998,
Cherbear, a Christian children's writer and illustrator, brings beauty and delight to kids and grownups at Cherbear's Den (CD). Kids can "click the bears" to read "Colors for Africa" and "The ABCs of Joshua's World" --beautifully illustrated books. Then go "kid caving" or "spelunking" with your kids to explore other kid-related Web sties. Adults will discover the "Cherbear's Den's"  lovely art and spiritual inspiration.  Gramma Cherbear's Photo Album invites kids and grownups to join in the fun of a birthday party, and everyone will want to hug Cherbear after a visit to her enchanting page of illustrated hugs.
Thank you, Peggie and the staff at IFC. What a wonderful surprise this was!
--This article courtesy of Internet for Christians Newsletter
Copyright 1998 Quentin J. Schultze) Gospel Communications International, Inc.
 Animation bears by Kitty Roach

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