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Gramma Cherbear and her Critters teach God's Word in a Free One Year Free Printable Illustrated Bible Study for Children, "Animation Trail." I have added five Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for each bible study. Each one relating to that week's teaching, with scripture support and prayers which keep the child focused on God's teaching for that week. Each bible study includes a complete guide free for your Sunday School class or Kid's Church curriculum. I have also added coloring pages to print and use for the smaller children. Each of the lessons are rewritten for preteens and younger teens, in the Teen Trails of Truth for Youth. Added to them are Weekly "Insights" into the Bible, guiding teens through the study of God's Word. The Enlighten Me! Cavern in the Teen Cave is also for Christian teens seeking the "solid food" or "the meat" of God's Word, teaching the "Names of God," and giving a complete overview of "The Gospel Writers." Many of Gramma Cherbear's pages present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children, teens, and preteens. I have listed these in my "Gospel for Kids" links page, "Gospel for Preteens" and "Gospel for Teens" links pages. Thank you for visiting Cherbear's Den! I hope you will bookmark this page and use it through the year. The links below are your guide links into all 650 + pages in this site. If you get lost, just hit the scroll bar. Please Enjoy!

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I first began in the Kid Cave to bring my books to a world in need of compassion for special needs children as well as understanding of cultures not like our own. Eventually an illustrated online bible study and devotional for children was brought to my mind in 1998, at which time it was the only one of it's kind. The Animation Trail bible study format for children was created. This one year illustrated bible study for children, which is also presented by a biblical topics listing, includes daily devotion which have been published in book form and distributed to the children of Fiji in their public schools, coloring pages and printable curriculum pages which I used myself when heading up the Kids Church for over five years in own church. They have been used by churches, orphanages, schools, homeschoolers, Christian missionaries and Sunday school teachers all over the world. While teaching these classes I discovered the humor displayed in the illustrations often went right over the heads of my younger students. I decided to rewrite the bible lessons for the understanding and interest of younger teens and The Teen Trails of Truth was created. I could see I needed a devotional that would be quick and easy for older teens and wrote the weekly Biblical Insights Devotional for them. All devotions in Cherbear's Den are relavent to Animation Trail Bible Lessons, Teen Trails of Truth for Youth and the IN FAITH, He... devotional for adults. Whether reading the daily devotions for children or the weekly devotions for teenagers, they are short, quick and easily understood with all using scripture to make their point. Seeing I needed something for more mature Christian teens, desiring the "meat" of God's Word, I began to study intently the Gospels and their writers as well as the Names of God and added these studies to the Teen Cave. You can use these studies as a family of God, or in church and missionary settings. There are truly enlightenments for all ages.

Through the following years, I realized the site was getting enormous and the navigation was not at it's best, so I set out to make the navigation easier. I have added links to all pages which will guide you no matter where you find yourself as you explore the site. The links are self explanatory and will always lead you back to wherever you started when you entered the site. With almost 700 pages of ministry, it became necessary to categorize these in easy to follow menus for each set of studies and age groups. The menu pages are listed above and will guide you.

As Gramma Cherbear, I have created with the Lord's enabling and guidance, all the work and designed every aspect of the site maintaing it since the Lord first brought into my heart and mind to take my missionary quest to the internet when I first said, "Here I am Lord, Send Me," in 1998. This has been a ministry of love and devotion for my Lord and Savior. What He has so freely taught to me and enabled me to do along the way, I have in turn freely given back to the world and the people He loves. I pray it will serve you well. I welcome your comments!

The tables below are a quick and easy way for you to come back to whatever section in the Cherbear's Den you wish to return to as well. Listed are the bible studies, devotionals, books, skits, curriculum entry pages, and the entrance pages to many of the individual studies. This table will help you review some of what is offered here as well as help in your navigation when you are more familiar with the site. If you like what you see on your first visits, it would be a good idea to bookmark and keep this page handy, as I continue to add to the site. You can view my Family Devotional and have all the lesson links for each week delivered to your inbox for a full year of weekly devotions, lesson guides and updates. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit of my story and God bless!

Gramma Cherbear thanks you for visiting the Den. These bible studies and devotionals are designed for use in personal family study times, missionary work, home schooling or in personal Sunday School and Kid's Church activities. You must contact me for further instructions before the publishing of materials for missions or any other purpose. For anything you print, I ask you include my URL www.cherbearsden.com - and copyright notice, if it does not appear automatically. You are not allowed to use my site or the materials on it for profit or any type of commercial use in any way. You do not have permission to use Gramma Cherbear's work to gain monetary funds for your own ministry or to charge for anything you may be give permission to publish! They are not for publishing of any kind or manor, in print, digitally or in e-publishing, and are not to be used in any commercial endeavors, even in missionary work. I have not charged you. You must not charge for their use. You are not allowed to include any of these materials within the pages of anything where a charge of any type is being activated or suggested.

My heart is big for Jesus and these materials were created to help other "big hearts for Jesus" to further His Kingdom purpose when they do not have the funds to purchase Christian literature and study materials themselves. If that is you, then you have my prayers and blessings and I hope to hear from you often! May God add His blessings to the teaching of His Word! All copyrights © 1995  to (current date) by Gramma Cherbear