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Joshua, God's Design

A God Inspired Poem by Gramma Cherbear for her special needs grandson with many disabilities!

I met Joshua when he became my grandson at the age of nine. If you realize that many of my attitudes towards children like Joshua came after meeting him, you will better understand the need for this introduction to a very special child. I was inspired to write this poem for Joshua when he was very ill. I hope it will speak to your heart as it did to mine. This poem led to the book, "The ABC's of Joshua's World." by Gramma Cherbear! 

Appeared in the May/June 2000 issue of 'Nifty Nibles' Children's Literary Magazine

©1997 Cherbear
Joshua, God's Design
by Gramma Cherbear
from Gramma Cherbear and God to Joshua

I met you and I knew that God had blessed you,

in a strange and mysterious way.

Our meeting was so brief,

but my love continued to grow.

Through my thoughts of you, my prayers for you,

I have seen new love, new peace and joy.

The sound of your laughter still sings to my heart.

God's love swells within my soul.

I embraced you and you looked inside my spirit.

I gazed in awe and silence.

I saw Jesus in your eyes.


I gave my life to Jesus;

Surrendered Lordship over all.

Then began to regret years passed,

Confused without the call.

He's shown me to cherish my life,

Empty as well as full.

For at first my heart was blinded.

His revealing makes me whole.

I wish I could have known you before,

but I'll trust in God's perfect timing.

For eyes without His vision can't see it,

that spirit so compelling.

The Jesus in your eyes,

brings content that's overwhelming.


There are those who are unknowing.

They're unwilling to concede.

They think you're not worth knowing.

In their lives there is no need.

They should look and learn compassion,

Godly love, so free and clear.

If they would seek it they would find it.

Through your eyes they could see Jesus,

and His blessings would appear.


When God calls you home,

your crown you will receive.

Our Father will embrace you,

for your sacrifice so rare.

You've drawn them, and touched them,

and blessed them with your presence.

You have His righteousness,

and you have known no sin.

I believe that is why,

my soul saw Jesus deep within.


As Lord Jesus pulls you to Him,

as our Father watches on,

all of heavens host rejoicing,

praising Him in joyful song.

He will lead you to the mansion,

He's prepared there, just for you!

You'll be perfect just like Jesus,

soul and spirit, and body too!

"Well done my good and faithful child,"

surely Father God shall say.

He knows the hearts you've changed,

and that no doubt is why,

in His infinite wisdom,

He put Jesus in your eyes.

Gramma Cherbear

All copyrights reserved ©1997 Cherbear

There is an ABC book about Joshua in the Kid Cave!
And a story from Joshua to the children
"Joshua's Story, If I Could Speak."

Special children are a blessing to those who love and care for them.
When they see with the eyes of God!
They are a gift from a loving God who never says, "Oops!."



Meet Joshua

Joshua is 18 years of age at this writting and a special child. He was born with "absence of the Corpus Callosum," (the center portion of the brain) and cannot hear or speak. He does not know sign language, so we learn Joshy language. His school and family continue to work toward getting him to understand signing and the more attention he pays to this strange phenomena, the closer he is getting. It would be so wonderful to find out what Joshua actually knows. Please read "Joshua, God's Design" and "The ABC's of Joshua's World," to learn much about Joshua. He is a joy, and he is as special as they come!

This first picture is Joshua's school picture for his eighth grade. He does not leave these glasses on long.

The second picture shows Joshua in his helmet. At age 13 through 16, Joshua hit himself so hard in the head and face due to pain in his head, he had to wear this helmet most of the time. Many doctors could not find the cause. We knew he suffered pain, although told it was behavioral by some doctors. His parents continued the search. He had several sinus surgeries to no avail. Finally, a neurosurgeon discovered he had a build up of spinal fluids in his head. He placed a shunt in Joshua's brain to drain this fluid into his stomach lining. In December 1997, he developed a staff infection in the shunt and throughout his body. We spent the month of January 1998 in pediatric ICU. Josh underwent three more surgeries at that time. Again, in 2000 his shunt malfunctioned and infected his body and he became very ill. When that infection was cleared in his body, the shunt was again replaced. In September of 2001 he again experienced a lot of pain. Grand-mall seizures (the most severe I have ever seen) forced a decision to insert another shunt to the other side of Joshua's brain. He came home from the hospital on his mother's birthday and is once again our happy, lovable, and playful Josh. We will be watching him closely over the next 3 to 6 months, praying this shunt will not become infected. Please come back from time to time to check on his progress.

The third picture was taken on his 18th birthday. He was totally captivated by the candles. Joshua turned 19 this year. (2001)

The photo below was taken at Joshua's eighth grade graduation. He was enabled to walk across the stage in his full body walker. This would not have been necessary except when Joshua saw the steps to the stage, he just wanted to stop there and play awhile. We were proud of him as he made his way, with the help of his student aid, to accept his diploma.

Joshua is now able to walk some distance without assistance. He no longer needs to be in a special high chair to eat. Joshua still has to be fed, but he will sit in a big chair at the table. He still likes to play by himself. We really believe that God sends angels to play with him. I guess if we had angels to play with, our siblings would fail by comparison too...grin. He has the most wonderful laugh you could ever hope to hear. God made Joshua just perfect!

There is an ABC book about Joshua in the Kid Cave!

And a story from Joshua to the children

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