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Christian Family Devotional

Cosmetologist for 47 years!

Training in the Arts from National Artist

Computer Training

Work Environment

Internet For Christians review: Aug'98

Cher teaches Fractal Design Painter
in Belgium: Mar'98

Speech for Christian
Women's Club: Sept.'96

Future projects


Beauty Consultant and Cosmetologist

Cherbear's 43 years in the beauty industry!

Cherbear's Little Do's Salon

As a teenager, I was introduced to Vivian Woodard Cosmetics. I attended many training classes and continued through my early adult years as a cosmetic consultant for them. I later became an associate and beauty consultant for Fashion 220 and it became my choice in skin care and glamour products. Life circumstances led me to attend a professional beauty college in my early 20's. My instructor referred me to one of the top styling salons my city had to offer and my training continued with my expertise in hair design, permanent waving, hair color and frosting techniques. I opened Cher's Hair Castle in 1980 where I enjoyed the best clientele a hairstylist could ask for until 1995 when, answering a call to ministry, I closed the salon. Cherbear's Den Online Christian Family Ministry is the result of that call and will remain a priority focus in my life. After 43 years in the Beauty Industry, I have decided to close my Salon and devote my time to the ministry. I am thinking of bringing some of the knowledge that I acquired through out my Hair Styling career into an Internet Blog...we shall see?

Cherbear's Den

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History in Natural Media Art


Classes & Personal Instructions
Nationally Prominent Artist
Donna Aldridge, Kansas City:
Oil portraits, mastering pastels
Bill Ahrendt,
Featured artist, contributing editor
of The Arizona Highways magazine:
On location gestalts and oil
Composition, oil scenery
Harvey Dinnerstein,
Art Students League of New York:
Pastel portraits-live models.
David Leffel,
Art Students League of New York:
Oil portraits-live models
Oil still life
Don Gryzbowski,
Colorado Springs, Colorado:
Pastel scenery, textured papers
Flora Giffuni,
Founder & President of the Pastel
Society of America in New York:
Pastel portraits-live models
Ten scale value studies


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Cherbear, a Christian children's writer and illustrator, brings beauty and delight to kids and grownups at Cherbear's Den (CD). Kids can "click the bears" to read "Colors for Africa" and "The ABCs of Joshua's World" --beautifully illustrated books. Then go "kid caving" or "spelunking" with your kids to explore other kid-related Web sties. Adults will discover the "Cherbear's Den's"  lovely art and spiritual inspiration.  Gramma Cherbear's Photo Alum invites kids and grownups to join in the fun of a birthday party, and everyone will want to hug Cherbear after a visit to her enchanting page of illustrated hugs.
---This article courtesy of Internet for Christians Newsletter

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Teaching in Belgium

Touring Brugge, Haarlem, Waterloo, Kinderdike, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and the Grand Place of Brussels, I cherished the success of mixing the old with the new. Progress has not kept them from preserving the great structures of their past. In Brugge you can find grand architecture from the late 900's.


I hope to return to Brussels, Belgium.
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1996 Speaking Engagement

Christian Women's Club



I was asked by the Christian Women's Club of our home town, to be the featured speaker on September 17, 1996. I struggled to say "yes." Giving a speech was not what I had in mind when I said, "Here I am, Lord send me."They were in need of an artist. The theme of the program was "Color Your World," my segment entitled "Paint a Lovely Design," and I knew I could not refuse. Read my journey from 28 years of hair design to computer illustrator.


"Paint a Lovely Design"


"Lord, what would you have me do with the artistic talents You've given to me?" This was my road to Damascus question to Jesus, in 1991. I asked because I had lost heart for something I loved, painting. I wanted to return to using my skills as an artist, but that return must be with a purpose.

God was silent. Finally in 1992, my plea was, "God, how will I ever know what you want me to do if I don't know your word. Teach me your word! "I developed a real hunger for God's word and began to study and watch for God working in my life. He was always working in my life but I didn't always recognize that it was Him.

In March of 1993, my answer came. Gary and I offered to be the host family for Richard Gibson, the Executive Director for Biblical Literature Fellowship. His words as he viewed the pictures bearing my signature in every room of our house. "Don't you know how badly we need illustrators in Christian literature?" From their print shop in Brussels, Belgium, Biblical Literature Fellowship translates, publishes, and distributes Christian materials for the French speaking world. He explained that the books they distribute have American illustrations. They need illustrators to bring the culture of the people into these books. With my passion for portraiture, characters, and a fascination with the beauty of all of God's people, I could be a part of helping others to relate the words they read about God and his love to, directly to them and their way of life.

Richard Gibson was also a college instructor for computers in Wheaten Illinois, and when he spotted my 1984, 512K Fat Mac, in the beauty shop, he could not resist showing me a little about painting in the computer. He explained that as an artist with a feel for natural media and the way each reacts on different textures, I would be able to do more than he ever could in computer art programs.

I purchased my first computer in 1994 and began to see my future in digital imagery. I have taken college courses in desktop publishing and illustrator computer design, but most of what I have learned has been self taught. The Lord has enabled me to retain and to learn. I know that my calling is to illustrate Christian Literature. My instructions are clear. I had to get the answer to two questions correct. Jesus asked, do you love me, and do you trust me. In John 21:15, Jesus said, "Feed my lambs." That verse I have put on my screen saver and it runs across my computer to remind me not to give up, and to keep on working.

In 1994, a friend and I began working together on a book she is writing about hugs. She knew of my need to begin painting again and the burden I felt for missionaries. She told me of an announcement in her church newsletter. Gretchen Samuelson, missionary to Zaire, Africa, had written some books that would help in efforts to teach and wanted volunteer illustrators. It was now 1995, and my confidence level for any kind of creative art work was at an all time low. With prayer for courage I made that call. Marcia reminded me that the Lord said for us to "Boldly Go!" Someone else told me that was Star Trek, but who do you think said it first? Gretchen had 12 books she wanted illustrated and copies printed for 150 schools. I chose, "God Gave Us Colors." In Zaire, they have words for black and white, and a one word that covers all other colors. They have over 200 languages between the tribes. Lingala is the primary language used in the schools of Zaire. Gretchen gave them the French words for white, black, brown, and the colors of the rainbow. I was able to format the book in the computer and get it ready for printing. I chose to do these illustrations in pastel first, to familiarize myself with the media again. I was able to provide her with the illustrations. She provided me with the incentive I needed to get back into art.

We color our world by using the talents and gifts God has given us in his service. It is not personal endurance that we need, but the endurance of our faith. I believe He is able to do what he calls me to do.

It is Jesus who is painting a lovely design for me!

Gramma Cherbear

"For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him." Col. 1:16

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Other Projects:

Animation Trail Bible Studies

Animation Trail Coloring Book

Teen Trails of Truth

Daily Trail Blazers for Kids and Teens

1 year of weekly Kids Bible lessons and devotions for Kids and Teens. Meet Cami Cub, Emmi Squirrel, Liam Leapfrog, and Joshua Jackrabbit, as they help Gramma Cherbear lead children of all ages on God's path.

I am currently presenting "The ABC's of Joshua's World," to publishers. Through this book I hope to advance understanding and acceptance of children with disabilities.

If published for Christians and families with disabled children, this book shows God's sovereign power and lends comfort, for " all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Rom. 8:28. I quote Joni Erickson Tada from the Women's Devotional Bible 2, NIV, pg 57, when I say, "God always exploits Satan's evil intentions and uses them in his own service." Ephesians 1:11, "just one more example of God's ability to work "out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will."

With general public publishing, it becomes necessary to remove the direct references to God, to present it to the public school system. I have implied a higher power by referring to Joshua as a 'gift'. The need for public acceptance and understanding of the blessings received from having special children is overwhelming. Parents who choose to give birth to such children with prior knowledge of their conditions or possible defects are under attack. We must speak out for those who are willing to accept God's perfect will for their lives.

I am anxious to hear from a publisher, with spunk, to join me in my pursuit. I will then complete the other 21 illustrations. I invite you to return to the KID CAVE as I share these as they are completed.

Meet Wally Whale, and my newest addition, Jonah! Little Blue Fish meets Jonah in the belly of the whale and they both have a tale to share. You will recognize Little Blue Fish and his family as illustrating the story Jesus told of the prodigal son. I will allow you to share as I create the illustrations for this story.

I have revised "God Gave Us Colors," for use in the USA. I would like to see it used to further the understanding of African culture, as it educates children in the exciting world of color. I have formatted this book myself and hope to offer a printed version some day on this site. Gramma Cherbear's version, "Colors for Africa, " is ready for you to enjoy in the KID CAVE.

What is Salvation?

After my work on the book to Zaire, "God Gave Us Colors," appeared in the Wichita Eagle newspaper, I was approached by a writer, Elaine Clark. She has written a book about salvation for children in the 6 to 9 year range. We worked diligently last summer, meeting at the Barnes and Noble book stores to 'brain storm' and to read and study children's literature. It was a great summer activity! Our ideas were endless. Elaine is a school teacher and has many responsibilities during the school year, and this project had to be put on hold.

Kid Cave Gospel for Kids

Ten Cave Gospel for Pre teens

I used this for 5 years, sharing this ministry with my own church as Kidz Church Director. I have added links to the many pages in the Kid Cave where Gramma Cherbear teaches the Gospel.

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You may be thinking, "How can she do all that?" I've asked that question a time or two myself. When I began seeking God's will for my life, I purchased a bookmark that states, "Jesus, I have a problem, It's Me!". This statement followed by, "My child, I have the answer, It's Me!" Jesus is the answer! What needs to be done, will be done, by the grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God will bring about what he intends me to do in the time frame He has already set for me. I have only to trust Him and obey. I will enjoy watching as He accomplishes through me, only that which He has set into motion.

This journey is eternal!

My Testimony

"Everything, I do through prayer, praising Father God for His enabling through Jesus Christ my Lord and His Holy Spirit. I give Him the glory for what I am able to learn and create with the knowledge He provides."

To the Top!


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