Christian Children's Book Author and Illustrator, Gramma Cherbear, shares her illustrated books for children and one year weekly illustrated, Christian Bible Study for children and preteens. Each weekly study has five daily devotions and a page for the Sunday School or Kids Church Teachers to use as a curriculum guide for the study! Coloring pages are also provided with each lesson. There are over 650 pages of ministry at Cherbear's Den and they are used to teach Christian children all over the World! There are studies for the Fruit of the Spirit (8,) Full Armor of God (3,) Faith, Hope and Love (curriculum,) The Ten Commandments taught together with The Beatitudes (10,) What is Salvation for a child's understanding, What becomes NEW when we know Jesus as Savior and Lord (6,) And many lessons on Christian behavior and witnessing for Christ with our actions. Gramma Cherbear added some of her children's books for fun! Included are a colorful book teaching God's use of colors for the children in Africa, one teaching children of struggles and blessings of mentally and physically challenged children, and another bible story with the lessons of Jonah and of the prodigal son are taught together as Jonah meets the prodigal fish in the belly of the whale. She presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many of her lessons, Holiday pages and other learning pages as well as in these two skits (God's Umbrella,) (God's Line in the Sand,) which she has tested in her own Kidz Church with great success. Please bookmark or add to your favorites list as there are many Caverns to explore! The descriptions for these books and studies are listed below so please scroll the page for easy navigation of the children's sections to this site dedicated to the study of God's Word for Christian families! Also find links to the other Caverns in the Den! What fun! The creation of has been on going since 1998 and is freely given to you as the talents I have used here as well as the enabling of the Holy Spirit, have been given freely to me! May the Lord add His blessings to the study of what He has provided.

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Gramma Cherbear's Kid Caverns

Gramma Cherbear's Books for Kids of All Ages

"What is Salvation?" a book for kids especially good for the Easter message! What is Salvation? What is sin? What is Eternity? How do I share the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ in an easily understood way for children? These questions about the Saving Grace God has for us through His Son Jesus Christ, are answered in this book written by Larry and Elaine Clark!

Gramma's Critter Gramma Cherbear tells the story of how she met the Critters and their family came to be.

Kid Cave Gospel Kids Gramma Cherbear presents the gospel message to children in her church an average of once every six to eight weeks. What a wonderful challenge this is and will be be in the future. Each time I think of a new way to present Jesus to the children, I will make sure to share it with you as I create a new page in the Kid Cave where kids can have fun learning. I hope you will visit this page and labor of love.

Easter is for the Lamb of God Easter is a special time for Christian children and a wonderful time to teach the salvation message in your Sunday School and Kids Church. You've heard and taught the ABC's of Salvation – Admit, Believe and Confess; This bible study brings the ABC's of Easter to children and teens, teaching the true meaning of Easter! How big is God's love for us? The Easter Bible Story, "Easter is for the Lamb of God," brings the true meaning of Easter and uses the verses of the Bible to describe God's agape love for us!

My Bible Shapes Book A Christian Easter Story Book of God's Great Love for the very young. It is never too early to begin learning of the Love of Jesus Christ and we can teach children what the Easter message of Salvation is all about. This Bible Shapes Book takes preschoolers and young children through the bible's redemption theme in a simple and to the point account, all the way from Genisis to John!

Bible Studies Caverns for Children

Free One Year printable illustrated Christian Bible Study for children by dates Gramma Cherbear uses Bible scriptures and the Kid Cave Critters, Cami Cub, Emmi Squirrel, Liam Leapfrog, and Joshua Jackrabbit, to help lead children on God's Path. These weekly lessons deal with real life issues and the deep truths of God's Word. You are never too young to learn the deep things of God. The illustrations make it fun!

Animation Trail - Free One Year printable illustrated Topical Bible Study for children

I have listed these studies by topic when you just want to study them by subject. You will find the Fruits of the Spirit, Full Armor of God, Ten Commandments taught together with the Beatitudes and much more!

Free One Year Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for children

Devotions for kids. Join us as we Blaze a Trail, hiking through God's Word daily. These daily devotions can be used with the Animation Trail Bible Study or as a seperate study! There will be 5 daily devotions for every week of the year. They are short and sweet!

Free Printable Color the Critters Animation Trail Bible Study

More fun in the Kid Cave. For each illustrated online bible study ....Gramma Cherbear provides a page for you to print out and color as you study what God has for you to learn! Learning About Jesus is FUN! with the Critters at Animation Trail in the Kid Cave!

Meet Gramma's Critters

Gramma Cherbear's Critters would love to meet you and introduce themselves! They are Cami Cub, Emmi Squirrel, Liam Leapfrog, and Joshua Jackrabbit.

You will find all of the Animation Trail Bible Lessons rewritten for teens in Teen Trails of Truth in the Enlighten Me! Caverns Bible studies in the Teen Cave!

Many pages from New Years to Christmas with Gospel lessons on Valentines, Easter, Fourth of July Fun pages, Halloween Alternatives. Remember to come back to Cherbearsden for Holiday fun!

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