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My children, come. Listen to me.

I will teach you to have respect for the Lord.

Psalms 34:11

Highlighting the "special" of one of

God's unique children!

A story from Joshua's perspective!

Also see Joshua's Poem

"God's Design"

God Gave Us Colors teaching

about the children of Africa!


What is Salvation? For Children

see also

My Bible Shapes Book

Easter is for the Lamb of God

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52 Bible Studies by Date and by Topic

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Jonah and the Whale's adventure with a bit of a twist, as Jonah meets the little blue "Prodigal Fish" in the belly of thewhale and they both have a tale to tell!

The moral of their stories:

When we make mistakes, it is to God we must turn!


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Meet the Critters

Cami Cub, Emmi Squirrel, Liam Leapfrog, and Joshua Jackrabbit!
Gramma's Critters Story

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Thank You Songs of Praise
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