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Joy - Share your Blessings

Teachers may add their own creative skills and special touches. You can use snacks, play games, select music and/or use a study of the people in the Bible chosen by God to teach this lesson. At Calvary Kids Church, we will be having our church drama team present a skit with some of the lessons. Each week is different. Be creative and capture their attention. Remember they will be getting to know the Critters, their personalities, and be able to relate to them as time goes on.

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Joy - Share your Blessings (Jesus, Others and You) by Gramma Cherbear

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Greet new members and introduce them to the class and the Critters.

Open the class with a prayer.

Read the Bible Verse for the day!
The Bible Says:
"...I am joyful with all of you. So you too should be glad and joyful with me." Philippians 2:17b-18
We should celebrate the joy we have in Jesus with each other. Sharing the love we have for God because of all He has done for us is one way we celebrate our joy.
(Speak with the children)
One way God brings you joy is by giving you blessings. It is great fun to share your blessings with others. Listening to them share what God has done for them is another way God will bring you joy. Think of some of your blessings. Praise God for His goodness. How can you share blessings with others?
(Teach the children)
We don't need to be unhappy or sad. God gave us His Joy in the fruits of the Spirit. When we think about good things and see all the good that God has done, it will bring great joy into our hearts. When you feel sad, remember God's gift of Joy. Think about your blessings! Share your blessings with others! Remember that true Joy comes from putting Jesus first, others second and ourselves third.
(Let the Critters help teach the lesson)
Joy - Share your Blessings
Gramma Cherbear loves to pick the beautiful flowers. She will put them in a vase on the table in her Den. Cami Cub is having fun rolling around in the field of clover. It is cool and soft like a pillow. Joshua Jackrabbit is fishing in the Kid Cave Pond. Fishing helps him to relax and Joshua really loves to relax! Emmi Squirrel is playing with the butterflies and smelling the flowers. Spring is her favorite time of the year. She does not feel shy around the butterflies. Liam Leapfrog loves to swim. Jumping into the clean water of the pond makes him very happy. Everyone is having great joy. They love to share their blessings with each other.
Repeat today's Bible verse.
God gives us our blessings. He wants us to share with others how happy we are for our blessings. When we remember the good things that God has done, it will remind us to be thankful. If we share our gift of Joy with others, they will learn to know that God is so good!

Worship God with music.


Use crafts, games, puzzles, hidden pictures, word search, mazes, and books to further emphasize the current weeks' teachings.

Pass out the coloring pages.

Explain the daily devotions! Encourage the Kids to show these to their parents and get help as they continue to learn how God takes care of them through the week.


Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for kids and pre teens
Weekday devotions to go with this week's lesson!
1. Sharing Your Joy
2. Joyful Heart
3. In His Presence
4. Kingdom of Joy
5. Joyful Song
We are so glad you came to Kids Church today! Announce next weeks lesson.
Can you guess what the most important gift of the Holy Spirit is? Next week we will finish our study on the Fruits of the Spirit as we learn what God has to say about LOVE! Come back then!
Pass out the Daily Devotions to the children as they are dismissed.
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