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Ten Commandments and Beatitudes on teaching these subjects together.

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The Ten Commandments (8) - Look Before You Leap!

Teachers may add their own creative skills and special touches. You can use snacks, play games, select music and/or use a study of the people in the Bible chosen by God to teach this lesson. At Calvary Kids Church, we will be having our church drama team present a skit with some of the lessons. Each week is different. Be creative and capture their attention. Remember they will be getting to know the Critters, their personalities, and be able to relate to them as time goes on.

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Look Before You Leap!
(Do not steal)
by Gramma Cherbear
©2000 Cherbear

Greet new members and introduce them to the class and the Critters.

Open the class with a prayer.

Read the Bible Verse for the day!
The Bible Says:
"Do not steal." Deuteronomy 5:19
"Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for what is right. They will be filled!" Matthew 5:6
God does not like dishonesty of any kind. He wants us to trust Him to take care of our needs. He never wants us to take anything that does not belong to us. Teach the children not to take anything they are not sure has been given to them or they have not paid for.
(God Commands)
Have you been tempted to take something that does not belong to you? What if you took something by accident? Is it stealing? God wants you to seek to do what is right. As soon as He shows you what you did was wrong, you need to do whatever it takes to correct it. Always test your heart and make sure you are honest with others and yourself. God says not to take anything that belongs to someone else.

We are very sad when someone does not respect our things. Thinking about how we would feel if someone stole from us will help us to be honest with others. We can show others the love of Jesus that is in our hearts. They will see that we are loving them the way God wants us to love. Loving God means that we will "look before we leap." When we see something we want, we will make sure it is ours to take! We will make sure we are doing the right thing! No excuses!

(Blessed Are You!)
God knows the desires of our hearts. We should do good because of our love for God. God does not want us to be afraid of Him. He wants us to love Him too much to go against what He says is right. He will fill our hearts with more of His goodness when we love Him and seek to do what is right!
(Let the Critters help teach the lesson)
Look Before You Leap!
Joshua Jackrabbit has a problem. He thought he found a patch of wild carrots. He had so much fun gathering them. Now he sees that they belong to someone else. Because he dug them from the garden, they will spoil if they are not eaten soon. Joshua would never want to steal the carrots. He will find the owner and tell what He has done. God will replace his sadness with joy because Joshua Jackrabbit really wants to do what is right!
Repeat today's Bible verses.
God can help us say "NO" to drugs, to impure thoughts or actions, and to being disloyal. God will correct wrong feelings if we ask Him. When we agree with God, His wonderful peace and joy will return to our hearts. God's "Badge of Honor" is also a "Badge of Courage." He will give us the courage to choose to do what is good in His eyes!

Worship God with music.


Use crafts, games, puzzles, hidden pictures, word search, mazes, and books to further emphasize the current weeks' teachings. We are using the Bible Shapes Activity Book this week.

Pass out the coloring pages.

Explain the daily devotions! Encourage the Kids to show these to their parents and get help as they continue to learn how God takes care of them through the week.

Daily Trail Blazer Devotions
Weekday devotions to go with this week's lesson!
1. God, the Giver
2. Working to Share
3. Master Thief
4. Stealing From God?
5. Giving Cheerfully
We are so glad you came to Kids Church today! Announce next weeks lesson.
Lying is a problem that we will all face from time to time. Let's see if we can learn to always be truthful, next week! Come back!
Pass out the Daily Devotions to the children as they are dismissed.
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