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The Bible Says:

"Our hope is certain.

It is something for the soul to hold onto."

Hebrews 6:19

Hold Onto the Rope Tightly

Joshua Jackrabbit is holding tightly to the rope. He is trusting his friend, Cami Cub, to pull him up where he will be safe. He knows Cami loves him and cares for him. Cami will not let go of the rope because she loves Joshua. Joshua will not let go of the rope because he trusts Cami to keep him safe.

Jesus will not let go of us because He loves us. When we obey God and do what He says is right, we are also holding onto Him. God gives many blessings to His children when they do what He says is right. A blessing is something good that happens to you. Can you think of any blessings God has given to you when you have done what God says is right?

God is always with you. He has given many promises in His Word which explain how much He loves you and wants to be your Heavenly Father, best friend and helper. He says you can hold onto His promises because of Jesus Christ. He will never leave you. You can pray to Him and know He hears your prayers. Expect Him to care for you and trust in His Great love for you. Read and study God's Word so you will know all the wonderful promises God has for you. Hold onto Jesus and know that when you belong to Him, He will never let you go.

We can have hope that what God says in His Word is true. We can believe Him because God cannot lie! He has given us the Bible so we can learn about Him and about His Son, Jesus. We can be sure that God is with us all the time, that He knows everything and is never surprised, and that He can do anything by His mighty power. We can be sure that He is always the same and will never change. God is perfect. His love is perfect. When we give our hearts to God, it is Jesus that holds onto us forever!

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