Bible Study for Children following a Christian path!
written and illustrated by Gramma Cherbear

The Bible Says:

My God will meet all your needs.
He will meet them in keeping with his wonderful riches
that come to you because you belong to Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

What Shall We Eat?
part 1

Emmi Squirrel and Cami Cub are busy gathering and storing food. They will need it when the cold weather comes. Some of the food they need is hard to find in the winter. God has given them a lot! They do not worry. God is faithful! They know God will keep them safe and they will have what they need until spring.

It is not bad to prepare for tomorrow. God is pleased when look ahead and make good choices. He is also pleased when we trust Him to take care of us. When we believe God will take care of us, we can be a blessing to others as we share what we have with them. Remember to Thank God for all He provides for us.

God does not want you to worry about anything. Trusting God is important. God wants you to know He will give you everything you need. That does not mean He will give you everything you want. You need food, clothing, and shelter. You may want toys and candy. Do you understand the difference?

We want things, many of them we do not really need. Some of them even get in the way of our love for God and other people. It is important to God that His children love Him first, Others Second, and then take care of themselves. That is how we find the special kind of joy God wants us to have.

First - J - Jesus
Second - O- Others
Third - Y- You
The J - O - Y = JOY
©1999 Cherbear

"What shall we Eat 1" Bible Lesson coloring page

Curriculum for the Teacher

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