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Bible Study for Children following a Christian path!
written and illustrated by Gramma Cherbear

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The Bible Says:

"...The star they (the wise men) had seen
when they were in the east went ahead of them.
It finally stopped over the place where the child was.
When they saw the star, they were filled with joy."
Matthew 2:9,10

Charting the Course!

Joshua Jackrabbit is charting the course which leads to the brightest star in the sky. The Critters will tell their friends, "If you follow this Star, you will find true Love, Peace and Joy." They want others to know about the Baby Jesus. They will celebrate His birth on Christmas Day. Their map will show others the way!

When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Jesus' birth. God gave us His Son so that we can live with Him forever! That is the "Joy in giving!" Jesus is God's present to us!

Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea.
Wise men came from the east and said,
"We were in the east, we saw His star." Matthew 2:2

They were following the course that God had charted for them. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in Judea and was born a King for God's children! They wanted to find Jesus and give gifts to Him. When the wise men found Him, they were filled with great joy!

The same is true for a child of God. When you find Him you are filled with great joy in your heart. The greatest gift of eternal life is given to you. The best gift you can give back to Jesus is to love Him. He wants you to share His Love, Peace and Joy with others.

Sing praises and thank God for His wonderful Gift!
Enjoy the celebration and remember,
JESUS is the Reason for the Season!
©1999 Cherbear
"Charting the Course" Bible Lesson coloring page
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Bonus Devotion for the Teacher

The Kid Cave Forest is in for a big surprise. The plans are made and the Critters are ready to tell the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus to their friends. Don't forget to come back next week.

Gramma Cherbear

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Star Light, Star Bright

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