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The Bible Says:

"Come, follow me, "Jesus said.
"I will make you fishers of people."
Matthew 4:19

New Life - Casting Your Line

Joshua Jackrabbit is fishing in the Kid Cave forest pond. He is ice fishing! He wants to catch something wonderful. Will he catch a big fish? Joshua doesn't know what he might catch. He is just happy he can fish today and he will keep on "Casting Out the Line!"

When we tell others about Jesus and the New Life only He can give, will they listen? We can hope and pray they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit knows what we are praying for and He will help. He will guide them to God. Then Jesus will say that we are "Fishers of People."

You can have a New Life when you know Jesus Christ. If you ask Jesus to live in your heart, forgive you of your sins, and show you how to live, you can pray to Him. You can learn more about God everyday! Do you know Jesus? If you do, God sent someone 'Fishing' for YOU! They 'Cast Out a Line' by telling you about Jesus.

The Bible says Jesus is, The Way, The Truth and The Life and no one can know God the Father unless they know Jesus as their best friend and boss of their life. It also says, no one can know Jesus unless God the Father shows them the way. He wants you to help Him by 'Casting Out a Line' of love to someone and telling them about Jesus. Jesus is our greatest gift and God wants us to share Him with others.
©1999 Cherbear

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Bonus Devotion for the Teacher

 Thanks for coming,

January is a Month that makes us think about new things. Next week we will see how God wants to take us in a new direction ... toward HIM! Gramma Cherbear

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