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What's New When You Know Jesus? series curriculum

The Bible Says:

    "But those who trust in the LORD will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles.They will run and not get tired.They will walk and not grow weak." Isaiah 40:31

New Vision - Flying With the Eagles

The Kid Cave Critters love to watch the eagles fly. They have climbed to the highest mountain in the Kid Cave Forest to get a better look. They carefully followed the safest path to the top. The valley is more beautiful than they thought. The Critters are very happy they can see what the eagles see.

If we want our hearts and minds to see what God wants us to see, we must stay close to Him. God wants us to see the way He sees. He wants us to love the way He loves. His Holy Spirit can teach us how by helping us to understand God's words in the Bible! Then the pictures in our hearts and minds can be visions from God.

When you see a picture in your mind, is that a vision? Do you ever day dream? What about when your mind wishes for something wonderful; Could that be a vision? Think of how God can use you to help other people. Close your eyes and think, a picture in your mind, of how God could use you to tell others about Jesus. You might even dream about how God might use you to help Him when you are grown up? Could these be visions from God?

When God gives you a vision, He allows you to see clearly with your heart and mind. When the eagle is flying high, he can see very clearly with his eyes. He can see all around and very far away. God wants to give you eagles wings and eagles eyes in your heart and mind, so you can vision His plans for you. He will help you do everything He wants you to do.
©1999 Cherbear
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Bonus Devotion for the Teacher

When we tell God we want to be like Jesus, we need to be ready for the changes He will make. He wants us to be New Creatures. Next week, we will look at what that means! Gramma Cherbear

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