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Animation Trail Bible Study and Devotional for Children

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The Bible Says:

    "Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creature.

    The old is gone! The new has come!"

    2Corinthians. 5:17

New Creature - Be Ready for Quick Turns 

Joshua Jackrabbit was running a race with Emmi Squirrel. He was trying so hard to win the race that he did not see the turn in the path. It changed direction because the tree was in the way. Emmi squirrel will help to guide Joshua on this path when they race again. Joshua needs to keep his eyes open for the quick turns.

When we don't see the changes that God needs to make in us, God has to show them to us over again and again, until we are willing to be the children of God He wants us to be. If we are New Creatures in Christ, we will listen to God and do what He says. When we don't, we need to ask Him to forgive us and try again.

Do you say you are a Christian and then act badly to others? Saying you are a Christian means that you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and let Him be the boss of your life. When you ask Jesus to come into your heart, you are asking God to teach you how to be like His Son. Be ready for God to show you what He wants to change about you!

God knows that we cannot be perfect. He also knows that some of the changes won't be easy to make. The Holy Spirit can give us His power, but He needs our help. He may need to move some things out of our way. He may want to change the friends we have or the way we spend our time. We must be willing in our hearts to change. God will help us to be more like Jesus.
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