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Happy Valentine's Day from Gramma Cherbear!

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The Bible Says:

"No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me

brings him. Then I will raise him up at the last day."

John 6:44

God's Search - Hide and Go Seek

The Critters love to play "hide and go seek." Joshua will search for the others. He has to count to ten first. Can you help Joshua find his friends? When he starts to look, they will run to home base. They have to touch the tree to win the game!

One way God brings us to His Son, Jesus, is to have others tell us about Him and all the wonderful things He has done. When we believe what God says in the Bible about Jesus, He will say, "You were lost, but now you are found!" We can know then that we will live forever with Him in heaven.

The Bible says you cannot know God's Son, Jesus, unless the Father brings you close to Him. God loves you no matter what. He knows how much you love Him. God searches your heart! He looks for good thoughts in your mind and He sees the way you act.

"The Lord says, "I look deep down inside human hearts. I see what is in people's minds. I reward a man in keeping with his conduct. I bless him based on what he has done." Jeremiah 17:10

Jesus Christ is the only way that we can find God. He is the only one who can keep us from being seperated from God. He wants to be our best friend and the boss of our heart, minds and actions. When we choose to act good and keep good thoughts in our minds, God gives us blessings as a reward.

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Happy Valentine's Day from Jesus!

There is no greater love than the love Jesus gave to us. He died on the cross so we can know God and live forever in Heaven with Him. Come back next week and we'll look at God's Valentine to us! Gramma Cherbear

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