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 Happy Valentines Day from Gramma Cherbear!

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written and illustrated by Gramma Cherbear

"Greater love has no one than this,

that he lay down his life for his friends."

 John 15:13

Rescued From the Water

Joshua Jackrabbit had a bad fall into the Kid Cave pond. His friends have come to rescue him. They love Joshua with God's great love! They saved him and they will protect and care for him. Joshua loves his critter friends with a very thankful heart!

When we ask Jesus, He will put God's love in our hearts. God's Holy Spirit can help us know good things from bad. He can teach us how to love others with God's great love. He wants us to thank Him for what He has done for us. God wants us to love Him too!

When you read the Bible or study about God, you learn that some things are wrong for you to do. It could be, telling a lie, cheating in a game or at school, stealing from someone, or some other bad thing. God has told you not to do these things, but sometimes you do not obey what He has said. This is called "sin."

God knew we needed to be rescued from our sins. He sent His Son, Jesus to save us. Jesus was God's only Son, and He did not sin. Jesus took the punishment that God was going to give to us when He died on the cross. Jesus is our wonderful Valentine from God!

©1999 Cherbear

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