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Fruits of the Spirit Bible studies for Christian children

Christian Bible Study for Children following God's path!

written and illustrated by Gramma Cherbear

The Bible Says:

"A mans wisdom makes him patient.

He will be honored if he forgives someone

who sins against him."

Proverbs 19:11

Fruits of the Spirit

Patience - Reaching for Higher Ground!

It is a fun time for all at Liam Leapfrog's birthday party. Or is it? Emmi Squirrel has a problem. Balloons are perfect for the game of 'keep away.' They float slowly and everyone loves to hit them and watch them as they pop high into the air. Emmi tried but could not reach them. Her arms are too short and she can't jump high like Liam. The Critters need to learn about God's gift of patience. Then the party could be fun for everyone.

We don't always understand why God says 'no' to our prayers. We also might not want to wait on God to do something. He wants us to trust Him and use the gift of 'patience' with Him too! We need to trust that we will grow. He will give us talents and help us to use them. He wants us to use the gift of 'patience' as we love Jesus, others and yes, even ourselves, with His special love.

When you play a game you do not understand or you are not big enough to play, it can make you upset with yourself and others. It is important to know the rules and purpose of the game. You need to watch and make sure it is fair and everyone knows how to play. Are you patient when someone else is unhappy? God wants you to choose not to get angry or upset with yourself and others when things are not going your way. You should also watch out for the feelings of others.

We are not all the same. God has given everyone talents. Our talents could be different from even our very best friends. Jesus knew we would need to have patience with ourselves and each other. The Fruit of the Spirit called 'patience' is a gift we learn to use with practice. We can choose not to get upset because God gave us this wonderful gift of Holy Spirit.
©2000 Cherbear
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Galatians 5:22-23
"But the fruit the Holy Spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind, and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself..."
Patience Bible Lesson coloring page
Patience Curriculum for the Teacher
I teach these in reverse order. This is the order He gave the lessons to me!
LOVE is the most important to God! Maybe He wanted us to end up on that one?

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Daily Trail Blazer Devotions for kids

Weekday devotions to go with this week's lesson!
Mon. Forgiving Patience
Tue. Loving Patience
Wed. Patience with Authority
Thur. Don't Give Up
Fri. Patience in Affliction

Peace that lies deep within your heart and keeps you calm even when life looks hard. That is the kind of Peace only God can give. Let's talk about that gift next week! Gramma Cherbear

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