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Animation Trail Illustrated Bible Studies for Children

Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes

The Commands and The Blessings

Animation Trail Bible Study and Devotions for Children

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The Bible Says:

"Do not commit murder."

Deuteronomy 5:17
The Ten Commandments (6) - Tossing a life line!

Someone has made fun of Emmi Squirrel. Emmi is a very sensitive squirrel. She always wants to do good! She wants to be the kind of squirrel God wants her to be. A lie was told and is spreading through the forest. Emmi does not want the other forest creatures to think badly about her. Emmi's heart has been damaged. Cami Cub is a caring friend. She will help Emmi's "broken spirit' to heal.

Human life is very important to God. He is the giver of life and forbids you from taking someone's life from them. Jesus says it a little more clearly with His instructions. He says it is wrong to even think about hurting someone. You must be careful of others. There are many ways you could hurt someone. Be sure that the words you speak do not damage some ones heart!
God has told us that we are not to commit murder. We understand that we should not take another persons life. Life belongs to God. But there is another way God does not want us to kill! He does not want us to destroy others with our mouth. We should always be careful with our words. Never repeat a rumor. Do not tell lies about others. What we say can hurt or kill a person's spirit. They can be destroyed inside, in the heart.
Blessed Are You!
"Blessed are those who are sad.
They will be comforted."
Matthew 5:4
"Blessed are you when people make
fun of you and hurt you because of me.
You are also blessed when they tell
all kinds of evil lies about you because of me."
Matthew 5:11

Blessings come to those who are a blessing to others. Helping a hurting heart can bring a 'broken spirit' back to life. God knows our hearts and our reasons for doing what we do. He will put our hearts to the test. He searches for hearts that are unselfish and truly care about others. A damaged heart can be healed with kindness and God's great love!

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5. Protect the Innocent

God calls a dishonest heart, a heart that commits adultery. Let's see how we can use this seventh commandment to live a life that is right with God, next week! Gramma Cherbear

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