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The Bible Says:
" Do to other the same way you want them to do to you."
Luke 6:31

Mischief in Gramma Cherbear's Den

It's a sad day for Gramma Cherbear's Critters. The Kid Cave has been ransacked. Holes have been scratched into Gramma Cherbear's chair. Her favorite tea set is broken. The Critters will try to clean up before she returns. Joshua suspects it was Rick and Randy Raccoon, up to some mischief making. Or maybe the Badger Brothers! They are known as the Kid Cave Forest mischief makers.

When harm comes to others we can use the Love of Jesus to help them. If we speak kind words or help repair the damage that mischief makers cause, we will bring joy back into someone broken heart. We might stop the mischief of others if we refuse to join in their "not so fun" games.

I am sure you have been tempted to join in mischief making. It's a problem we all face. But mischief is never a good idea. It becomes worse when others are hurt. God has given you His Holy Spirit to help you to do what is right. He does not want you to behave badly to other people. He wants you to treat others the way you want to be treated. Always think, "What would Jesus do?"

When other people do not respect our things we get upset. When they hurt us we feel sick in our heart. God does not want us to harm others. We should think before we act. We should ask how we would feel if we were the target of mischief making. Making the wrong choices will lead to others not trusting us. People will know us by what we do. God will help us have His Great Love for other people.
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Today was a hard lesson for the Kid Cave Critters. Gramma Cherbear will return next week. Let's see how she reacts to the mischief in the Den. Gramma Cherbear

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