Six Illustrated Bible lessons teaching children what it means to be saved and to have a personal realatioship with Christ. When the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, there are changes in us which we need to understand and cherish! This page lists them and leads to all you will need to present 6 weeks of lessons with weekly devotios for kids.

This "New Life in Christ" study, from Cherbear's One Year Bible Study for children and preteens, also contains five daily devotions and one weekly coloring page. Also included with each lesson is a link for a curriculum for the teachers page which is helpful to Sunday School and Kids Church teachers. This six part series helps teach what happens when we know Jesus as Savior and Lord of our lives. The focus is Sharing Jesus with Children! Also see: Fruit of the Spirit, Faith/Hope/Love, Ten Commandments with the Beatitudes, and Whole Armor of God, Studies in the Kid Caverns at Cherbear's Den.

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Christian Bible Studies for Children

written and illustrated by Gramma Cherbear

What's New When We Know Jesus as Savior and Lord?

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Presenting Jesus to children!

The Bible tells us that many things about us and our lives become new when Jesus comes into our hearts. These six lessons will help us understand how much God wants to guide us and teach us with His Word, the Bible. Each lesson can stand on it's own merit, but I think it is wise to let the children know in the beginning, they are learning a lot of News about knowing Jesus as their best friend. God is powerful and will help them to do what Jesus would do.

What's New When We Know Jesus Christ?
The Bible Says:

God gives us a New Forever Life with Him in heaven!

"Come, follow me, "Jesus said. "I will make you fishers of people." Matthew 4:19
Encourage the children to talk about the love of Jesus.. We are to follow Him and become "fishers of people," for Jesus. He gives a New Forever Life in heaven to those who ask Him to live in their hearts. We can pray for other people and God's Holy Spirit will help them come to know Him.
Notes for the Teacher
New "Forever Life" Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Life Link for Preteens
God guides us into the plans He has for us.
He gives us a New Direction.
"Teach me to live as you command, because that makes me very happy."
Psalm 119:35
There is only one path to God. That path is Jesus Christ. He will lead us down that path with His Holy Spirit and His Word. We just need to follow Him. We must not let others tell us there is some other way to God.
Notes for the Teacher
New Direction Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Direction Link for Preteens
We can change the way we act.
God can give us a New Attitude.
"So, I say, live by the Holy Spirit's power.
Then you will not do what your sinful nature wants you to do.
"Galatians 5:16
God can help us to have good attitudes. Teach the children to ask God for help when they find themselves having bad attitudes.
Notes for the Teacher
New Attitude Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Attitude Link for Preteens
God will help us see with our hearts.
He will give us New Vision.
"But those who trust in the LORD will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. 
They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak." 
Isaiah 40:31
God promises to give us the strength we need as we trust in Him. Teach the children to look to the future and see how God may want them to serve Him.
Notes for the Teacher
New Vision Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Vision Link for Preteens
 God will help us to be like His Son, Jesus.
He makes us a New Creature.
"Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creature. The old is gone!
The new has come!" 2Corinthians. 5:17
Jesus starts making changes in the way we think when He becomes our Lord. Explain we have a will to do what is wrong. God wants to change that into a will to do what is right.
Notes for the Teacher
New Creature Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Creature Link for Preteens
God forgives His children.
He gives us a New Beginning and New Blessings every day.
"His great love is new every morning. Lord, how faithful you are!"
Lamentations 3:23
We do not always do what is right. We are not always on our best behavior. God sent Jesus to show us God's mercy and forgiveness. Teach the children to turn to God and ask forgiveness as they try to do better. God gives us a new beginning each day.
Notes for the Teacher
New Beginning Link for Children
coloring page for this lesson
New Beginning Link for Preteens
Special Commentary for the TEACHERS OF GOD's WORD!
There are many more studies in Gramma Cherbear's curriculum, Animation Trail. I used them in my Kid's Church over a five year period, changing the crafts and music around a bit, and adding different coloring pages and skits of interest. The children I taught never tired of them. To this date the children I instructed with these lessons have not forgotten the classes we shared and Gramma Cherbear gets hugs for her efforts whenever and wherever we meet. What a great, rewarding experience the Lord has given me. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to teach His Word to the children. Each lesson in Animation Trail Bible Study comes with an easy lesson guide for you to print out. I enlisted the help of my church members as assistance and our youth to help with crafts and music. I have included links to many of the crafts and ideas I used with each lesson. This is a massive 6 year labor of love from and for our Lord's Kingdom. This is a doable bible study for children.
One Year of Weekly illustrated Bible Studies and Devotions