Christian Children's Book Author and Fractal Design Illustrator, Gramma Cherbear invites you into her Den to share her adventure into Christian children's literature and the computer arts. The links below will take you to my Christian Books for children and many other links into Cherbear's Den.

Have some tea and stay awhile in my Den!

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be
mature and complete, not lacking anything."
James 1:4
There are over 650 pages in this ministry, in an easily navigated format. You will find one year of free Christian Bible studies and devotions for kids and teenagers. Please read my Journal and view samples of my natural media art. There is plenty here for the entire family! Jesus is LORD!

Cher's Natural Media Art..See enlarged pictures!

Still Standing 

 Flint Hills Sunset 

 Fruit Bowl

"The most beautiful life possible, wherein there is no sordidness, is only attainable by effort.To be free, to be happy and fruitful, can only be attained through sacrifice of many common but overestimated things."
The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri
Quote from page 206

"What is Salvation?" a book for kids What is Salvation? What is sin? What is Eternity? These questions about the Saving Grace God has for us through His Son Jesus Christ, are answered in this book written by Larry and Elaine Clark!

Gramma's Critter Gramma Cherbear tells the story of how she met the Critters and their family came to be. Using illustrations and capturing her grandchildren as adopted critters in the Kid Cave Forest, gives a wonderful, adventurous spirit to each lesson. They really are a very special blended family with unique personalities!

Cherbear's Family Devotional Devotions of Faith in Jesus Christ to do all things well! These devotions are a work in progress and as they are completed I place a cross to mark them. Each adult devotion goes hand in hand with the studies in the Teen Trails and Children's Animated Trails Bible Studies and Devotionals. They all fit together. It is my prayer to stimulate the worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ in the homes of His children! I have provided the links you need at the end of each devotion.

Animation Trail for Kids * and Teen Trail of Truth These are the One Year illustrated Bible Studies for children and teenagers from Gramma Cherbear, in which she has included daily and weekly devotionals for the entire family. The Teen Bible Study offers Weekly Insight Devotions, giving teenagers insightful thought into bible study and what God has said in His Word. The younger teens will enjoy the daily devotions listed with each lesson. The Children's Bible Study includes the daily devotions, weekly illustration, curriculum notes for the teachers, and coloring pages to enhance their learning. Each study has a convenient listing for use with calendar dates or as separate Topical study listings, including the Fruit of the Spirit, Full Armor of God, What becomes NEW when we know Jesus, The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes taught together, as well as holiday themes and teachings on behavior in general. It's Hugh! I pray you have a blessed time in teaching and learning!

The illustrations, art work and writings on this site are not for public use. They are designed by and for Gramma Cherbear, the Critters, and the KIDS! You may ask for permission to use the study materials! The links below can help you find some really great royalty free graphics to use.