Permission Request

Thank you for asking to use the work at Please read the restrictions carefully and abide by my conditions of use. With over 700 pages currently providing materials for Christian families and ministries, I am always thrilled to teach from the Word of our Lord! Due to health issues and I being the only person ever to work this site and as I wish to keep it free of charge and advertising, it is necessary that I slow down in the work that is entailed in it's creation.

I give you permission, with following restrictions, to use the study materials on my site for your home study or class lessons. I ask you include my URL ( and copyright notice on anything you print out, if it does not appear automatically.

You are not allowed to charge for use of what you print or in the sharing of this material with others. You are not allowed to use my work for any type of commercial use in any way. I do not and have never profited from this site or the material it contains and neither should you. I retain all copyrights as the sole artist, writer, web master of and creator of all the work therein. What the Lord has enabled through me freely, I give it for use in His Kingdom purpose, freely.

I do ask that you email me at, and add "Permission" to the subject line. Please let me know how you intend to use the work and then come back from time to time and let me know how the work was used and any benefit it may have afforded you and your ministry. I'd also love to know what country you live in. Please do that for me. It will be an encouragement to me to help me continue to revise the site from time to time. I just cannot work it or communicate with everyone as I once did.

Thank you so much! May God bless you greatly!