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Christian Family Devotional

Gramma Cherbear's Critters Story

written and illuatrated by Gramma Cherbear


Deep in the Kid Cave Forest,
Gramma Cherbear lives in a warm and cozy cave.

While picking flowers near the Kid Cave Forest Pond,
she met four, best friend, Critters.
They had no grown up Critters to care for them.
Gramma Cherbear quickly made them a part of her family!

Cami Cub lives in the cave with Gramma Cherbear.
Emmi Squirrel makes her nest in a nearby tree.
Joshua Jackrabbit loves the beautiful poppy field meadow.
His shelter is there,

not far from the Kid Cave Pond Liam Leapfrog calls home.

Gramma Cherbear makes sure her Critters
have good food, so their bodies will grow strong.
She takes them to the Calvary Forest Church
where they learn about God's Word.
She wants their hearts, minds and spirits to grow strong too!
Gramma Cherbear loves her Critters with God's Great Love!
© 2000 Cherbear
She helps them stay on God's path
as they learn to be more like His Son, Jesus!
The End!
Follow Gramma Cherbear and her Critters as they lead children on God's path
in this One Year Bible Study complete with Coloring pages and Daily Devotions.


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