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The development of Biblical understanding in teens varies greatly during the teen years. Come, study and learn! The lessoins in the Teen Caverns at are here for teens, preteens, and new Christians in your youth groups and Sunday School classes. Also visit studies I have put together for more mature teens who wish to study the "meat" of the Word of God. The focus is on Jesus as Lord and Savior and Cherbear's studies include Old and New Testament teachings from the Holy Bible as the "Inherent" Word of God!

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature
and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:4

These are the Teen Caverns at Cherbear's Den.

It is important to grow in your walk with Him daily. I am thankful you have come here to study His Word! I am growing just as you are! Jesus, in Matthew 7:6-8, says, "Ask and it will be given to you; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened." NIV – I'm asking, I'm seeking, and I am most certainly knocking at the door. Come take this wonderful adventure with me. Bookmark this page for I am expecting great things this year!

In the Teen Trails of Truth you will study the Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, The Fruits of the Spirit, the Full Armor of God and much more! The "Names of God," bible study and the "Gospel Writers," bible study series is here for teens who know how important that path is already, with a desire to hear more about the "Who, What, When and Where" of God's Word. I do hope I can be given biblical insights to bring more of this type of study in the future. I am the curious type. I strive to live by faith, however I do have a deep desire for the "meat" of God's Word and wish it to fill my spirit with the knowledge and the "peace that passes all understanding" continuously.

Enlighten Me! Christian Cavern Christian Bible Lessons teaching the 'bread' and the 'meat' of God's Word to Teens. Are You Ready? If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, you need to back up and see Why Jesus Came! for older teens and What is Salvation? for preteens and younger teens! You need the Holy Spirit to guide you through God's Word!

Names of God! - Bible Study into the Names of God used by the Israelites in the Old Testament.

"The Names of God" study is to teach you about the many names for God in the Bible. The Israelites had a special way of speaking about God, each one reverent and so important to learn, as the let us experience the character of God. Jesus is named throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, in many terms and knowing about them turns the light bulb on of just HOW BIG our God truly is! So exciting!

Part 1 Extensive study for older teens into the Old Testament Names for God!

Part 2 Qualities of our God by the descriptions of how people in the Bible experienced Him

Part 3 What is in the Name of Jesus! What did God say is in this Name. Jesus?

The Gospel Writers - Teen Bible Study of the Four Gospels and the men who wrote them.

These are studies for teens and adults, hungry to learn the ways of God! In the "Gospel Writers" study series, I take you through all four of the Gospels teaching why God chose whom He chose to write them and just who it was in real time that He was talking to. How do they relate to us? In HIS "Good News Plan" or the plan of redemption for you and me and all men, He wants that none would perish but all would have everlasting life with Him in heaven. We are all different and His approach to us from every direction is meant to show us the way to HIM! I pray you will take this study to heart and realize that God knows our differences and made a perfect plan for us to be Reconciled to Him!

The Gospel Writers We will examine the Gospel Writers and their intended audience and so much more!

Matthew, Jesus as Messiah - King of kings and Lord of lords.
Mark, Jesus as Servant - The Servant King

Luke, Jesus as Healing Savior - The Great Physician
John, Jesus as God - The Deity of Christ

Acts, The Actions of the Apostles - Luke wrote the book of Acts as an eye witness to the beginning of the Christian church. This is a study that is yet to come, from Gramma Cherbear!

Teen Trails of Truth for Youth - Younger Teens Bible Study One Year of free weekly illustrated Bible Studies for preteens and early teens. These bible lessons are also by topic. Gramma Cherbear uses her Critters to teach the Word of God and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. A few of the topics you will study are a three part series on the Whole Armor of God, an eight part series on the Fruit of the Spirit, Faith/ Hope/ Love, the Ten Commandments taught in a ten part series with the Beatitudes, and many studies on how God would have us act and react to various life's circumstances and trials. Look for the subtle humor in Gramma Cherbear's illustrations as she uses real life drama created by her Grand kid Critters.

Daily Trail Blazer Christian Devotions for preteens and early teens Keep on God's path each day as you give Jesus a bit of your time with a Trail Seeker verse, Path Finder Bible lesson, and Path Connection prayer. There are five devotions to go with each of the Teens Trails of Truth Bible Studies, one for each week day. Short and to the point, they are designed to keep you reminded of your daily walk with Jesus. God listens and desires a special time with you each day.

Insights Weekly Bible Devotions Cavern for Christian Teens Weekly "tidbits" of information to give you insights into your Bible Studies. These devotions will suite all teens and can also go together with the Teen Trails of Truth for Youth and the Trail Blazer Daily Devotions for Teens.

Encompass Me Links Cavern A play on words and my attempt to surround you with interesting and beneficial links for your spiritual life. Not so new to the Teen Cave are my Christian links for teens...before my long absence from the internet and this ministry due to health and family struggles, I met the most amazing Christian Internet community. I have included some of these wonderful, loving and informative Christian sites for teens in this list . God created the internet for Himself and his children need to be in this creation of His to instruct and lead others in His ways!

Enigma Cavern "Enigma" The dictionary says that an enigma is a riddle or a perplexing or baffling matter. From time to time, I would like to add to this. If you have something of interest that baffles the mind, Please contact Gramma Cherbear and I'll see if I can include your idea!

Influential Cavern This is where I will list the credits and resource information on materials that have influenced me as I present a lesson. It is helpful for you to know where I am coming from in these studies. I encourage you to check out other resources for yourself too!

What Did Jesus Do? What is Salvation? for adults and older teens. What Does It Mean To Be a Christian? Why Am I Here? What's The Problem? What's The Solution? Jesus Has Already Taken Care of Your Sin Problem! What Does God Want Me to Do? You Can Know by Praying a Simple Prayer! Give Your All to the One Who Gave His All! Receive His wonderful gift of a "forever life" with Him, and a more powerful and full filling daily walk "In Christ."

What is Salvation? for children, preteens and early teens. This story was written by, Larry and Elaine Clark. Elaine saw an article about a book I was fortunate to illustrate, "God Gave Us Colors, Colors for Africa" and tracked me down. We met at a Barns and Noble in Wichita and I was so impressed with her presentation of the Salvation message for children; I published it here on my site for children as a way of leading them into their personal relationship with Jesus. Come and see what God has done for us. What Does God Want Me to Do?

Gospel for Preteens! and Gospel for Teens I have added these special pages which list the many pages in Cherbear's Den where the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation are presented to teens and preteens. There are many ways to tell the "Good News" or the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God's saving grace; He wants us to know Him in a very personal way. We can help others to know Him too! Say a prayer and enter into a relationship with Jesus that will bring you into a new life in Him!

Other Pages in Cherbear's Den you may enjoy!

Cher's Natural Media Art Enjoy a small display of some of my natural media works of art. I am known as a Pastelist and I am strongest in the area of Portraits.

Cherbear's Journal I have listed my qualifications and training as well as events that have shaped who I am today. Go to Brussels Belgium with Cherbear as she teaches Fractal Design Painter to missionaries there.

New Years 6 part Bible study - What's New With Jesus These are six lessons for preteens and early teens which deal with our "New Life in Christ" when we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord. The subjects addressed in the Teen Trails of Truth bible study for younger teens for what are the "NEWS" of knowing Jesus are: New Life, New Direction, New Attitude, New Vision, New Creature, and New Blessings. There are 5 daily devotions for each of the 6 week bible study lessons for preteens and youth found in the Trail Blazer devotional for teens. And there are six Bible Insight Devotions with this study for more mature teens: 'It is Written' 'Boundaries' 'Spiritual Healing' 'Spiritual Senses' 'Like Little Children' 'Whose Righteousness?' I direct more mature teens to my "What Did Jesus Do?" Statement of faith in directing them to a need for salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

God has much to say about how He feels about you! Valentines Day for Christians is a Valentine message from Gramma Cherbear to those who wish to possess a "Pure Heart," and written by my Net friend, Teresa Kindred. She was lead by God to send it to me to use how I wished...I think it is worthy of a thorough study! For Valentines Day in the Teen Trails of Truth study I have supplied two lessons, one for God's Search for us 'No Greater Love', the other to address His Agape Love, Rescued from the Waters.

St. Patrick's Day for Christians Luck or Blessings from God? Use this for a Sunday School Class or Kidz Church and be creative! The holiday page is also directed to children, however, they will need the guidance of an adult to follow it. This page is a wonderful lesson on how we can be Blessed by God.

Easter Cavern for Christians The story of Salvation for Adults and Grown ups together with a special viewing of my painting of the Ascension of Christ. You will find wonderful Easter Cookie and Easter Rolls recipes to bake the night before Easter Sunday! Don't miss Easter Devotions with the Teen Trails Critters. April 'Bridging the Gap', 'Heavenly Ascent', and the Teen Insights into the Word Devotions in 'Road to the Cross' and 'Resurrection Power'.

4th of July Cavern for Christians at Cherbear's Den Celebrate Independence Day and find links to Government offices and Christian organizations involved our Government. Other interest on the fourth of July for Teens can be found here, 4th of July for Christian Teens, Information about the Dollar Bill, Soaring With the Eagles.

Fall's Fright or Heaven's Light, Halloween Cavern for Christians Gramma Cherbear's Critters host a "Fall Fun Festival" as they celebrate the victory Jesus gave us over Satan and his evil ways. Also see "The Campfire Lights the Darkness" pt1 and "The Campfire Lights the Darkness" pt2, in the Teen Trails Bible Studies for Teens. Weekly Bible Insight for these lessons can be found in these devotions: 'Torch of Freedom' and 'Safe Passage'.

Thanksgiving Cavern Read about the tradition of the Five Grains of Corn and other bits-of- praise. Don't Miss! Thanksgiving celebration in the Teen Trails, November "Watch for the Sunset" pt 1 and "Watching for the Sunset" pt 2 I use the Teen Trails of Truth Critters to give us a lesson on being thankful in all things.

Christmas Cavern at Learn about the origin of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Prophets foretelling of the coming of the Messiah. What's in the Name above all names? and don't forget to study about the "Gospel Writers." who brought the Good News of the birth of Jesus to the world! There is more! Don't miss the Christmas celebration in the Teen Trails 'Charting the Course' and 'Star Light, Star Bright'.