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When you get to some of these sights you will agree that the Christian Internet is alive and well and full of wonderful things of the Lord. God created the internet for Himself...his children need to be in this creation of instruct and lead others in His Ways!

Names of God in the Teen Cave

Planet Wisdom. Com

What Would Jesus Do?

Famous Paintings from Garden of Praise

Simply Trust Jesus - From the Paver's Nest

Annie's "Young Lovely Christian Ladies" Page

True Love Waits

Youth links at Peggie's Place

Gospel for Preteens at Cherbear's Den

Teenager's links at Barbara's Entourage

Annie's Feasts of the Bible Page

Jake's Home Page

Insights Devotional Cavern

Christian Family Devotional

If I Could Speak! Joshua's Story

An excellent teaching in compassion! A special needs youth! You'll love him.

I am sure that you have met children like Joshua. You will fall in love with him. He is a joy to us and the world needs to know not to fear the Joshua's God blesses us with. I know that you will enjoy my ABC's of Joshua's World. The Abc's of this book are to teach compassion and the wonderful ministry the Lord has given to Joshua!more to coInsights Devotional Cavern

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