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Introduction into the Bible Study of the Gospel Writers

Matthew / Mark / Luke / John

All of the Gospels were written after the resurrection of Christ and from the teaching of those who were with Jesus in his ministry or were His disciples in the foundation of the New Testament Christian churches! Matthew and John walked with Jesus before the cross, and walked again with him after the resurrection! Peter was there as well and his words guided the pen of Mark. They were present when Christ ascended up to heaven and sent His Holy Spirit to live within all who believe in Him. Matthew, Mark and John were eye witnesses to these events. Luke was with Paul and had first hand knowledge of the ministry of Christ.

In this series we will see God's wonderful plan as we learn of Jesus Christ as the long awaited King of kings in the Gospel of Matthew, the Servant King in the Gospel of Mark, the Great Physician in the Gospel of Luke, and the Deity of Jesus as God's Only Son is revealed in the Gospel of John. The Holy Lamb of God came to give His life as a sin offering for you and for me. God did not leave us in the dark.

The Old Testament prophet foretold of Jesus in the Messianic Prophesies. The study can be sometimes overwhelming. As the realization comes to the one whom is knocking at the door, our precious Holy Spirit is there to light the way for those seeking to enter in. I hope I have brought a touch of simplicity to this study which will enable clearer understanding of the Holy Bible as the Inherent Word of God. "God Breathed" into existence that we may know the truths that rest within it's pages! So much fun for the "truth seeker." I hope you enjoy this one. Please pray for Cherbear, as I would love to follow this study of the Gospel Writers with one of the Book of Acts, to lead us yet further into the wondrous works of our Lord! I will add to this page as I then begin to ask for God's enabling to write of other people He chose to "breath" His Word into. What a wonderful study I am excited to ask the Lord to send my way!!

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