Trail Blazer Devotions for Teens and Pre teens
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This is the one year daily devotional for our youth and pre teens which will accompany my Teen Trails of Truth illustrated Bible Study for teenagers. Gramma Cherbear teaches the awesome power Jesus has to change our attitudes and help us control our feelings. The devotions help remind us daily of his love, keeping us focused on where our help comes from when given the choice to do "What Jesus Would Do". God did not leave us in the dark. He teaches what is right and what is wrong and He is absolute in His instructions. The studies in Cherbear's Den are meant to be a guide into God's truth with easily understood messages, using the history of God's interaction with His people with scriptures pointing us in the right direction and keeping us on the path Jesus has enabled us to walk. His Holy Word is Inherent and is not up for dispute. His ways are not always easy for us to understand and that is where FAITH in JESUS becomes so important. Not a blind faith, but a faith built on enlightenment by His Holy Spirit. This devotional for children was published and distributed in all the public school of Fiji and given freely to children and their families as well. read more!

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Monday through Friday Daily Devotions for youth!

One Year of Daily devotions for teens and preteens by Gramma Cherbear

I love to share the Gospel and much of the focus in this study is on behavior with lessons from the bible on the Full Armor of God, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Ten Commandments taught with The Beatitudes, What's "New with Jesus," as well as many other life lessons. There are five daily devotion links for each weekly bible study. The Daily Trail Blazer Devotional is written for children, pre-teens and younger teens, as well as those new to Christian teachings. I have supplied a weekly, more mature devotional with Biblical Insights into the study of God's Word for those wishing to be fed a bit more of the "cereal and "meat" of the Word. Look for these devotion links at the bottom of each Teen Trails of Truth bible study lesson as well. With over 650 pages of ministry, I have designed my site for easy naviation from one area to another with menus to guide you between my den, the kid caverns and the teen caverns. You will soon see how easy it is to get not only the bible study, daily devotion and weekly biblical insight devotion for each lesson, but you will travel through the Holiday pages and the children's books, poems, and skits. May God add His blessing to these teaching through the reading of His Word!

This One Year Free Printable Weekly Illustrated Bible Study for Christian Teens! by callendar dates!

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