"You are my lamp, O LORD;
athe LORD turns my darkness into light."
  2 Samuel 22:29
The Campfire Lights the Darkness! part 1

Sometimes you don't see clearly with your eyes, mind, heart or your spirit. Your eyes and mind can play tricks on you in the dark. You can turn on a light to see what is real. Satan can deceive you about what is good and what is bad. Your heart and spirit can search God's Word to turn the light on for truth. When you don't know what is true, what is right from wrong or good from bad, you can get into some major trouble. It is like being in the dark. Jesus and God's Holy Spirit will lead us out of the darkness into God's wonderful light.

God wants to be our Lamp! He can light our way and keep us out of trouble. However we need to be seeking His will for us. What He says in His Word is true! The Bible shows us right from wrong and good from evil. God's Holy Spirit helps us understand what is written in the Bible. Jesus shines a bright light in our heart and spirit so we can see more clearly. Knowing what God says in His Word will help keep us out of the darkness.

The Kid Cave forest Critters are having a celebration at the camp grounds. Cami Cub and Liam Leapfrog have made the campfire but it is still very dark in the forest. They see something in the distance that has frightened them. They need a Lamp to show them what is in the darkness.

God is always with us. When we pray, His Spirit will comfort us. Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit so we can be freed from spiritual darkness. He will lead us to make the right choices as we study what the Bible Says! The Lamp God gave to lead us through the dark and into knowledge of what is good and bad is His Word. The light it shines is Jesus! God's Word is our lamp in the darkness.

©1999 Cherbear
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