Christian Bible Study for Teenagers

"I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer,
without anger or disputing."
 1 Timothy 2:8

Two part Thanksgiving Study - Watch for the Sunset! part 1

It is OK for you to get angry. It is how you act or behave when you are angry that concerns God. He wants you to respond to situations, not react to them. It is good to tell someone when you are angry but it is always best to get your anger under control before you confront them. It is not good to react in hurtful words or deeds. God wants you to think about it and bring a happy end to your anger. You can do this, with His help! Seeking God's help before you act is how you should respond to those who have made you angry.

It is Not OK for us to stay angry. Praying to Jesus can quiet our tempers and help keep us calm our circumstances. God has also given us family and friends to help us turn bad feelings into good ones. Our parents and teachers can help us see what God would have us do with our anger. Seek wisdom from those who have experience in giving their anger to the Lord. They will be the ones who think before they act and seek God's solutions to their problems.

Emmi Squirrel is angry. Cami Cub and Joshua Jackrabbit went fishing and they did not ask her to come with them. They thought she was busy getting ready for their Thanksgiving Dinner. Liam Leapfrog will comfort Emmi and help her know her friends love her. She must get over her angry feelings before the night time comes. It could cause problems and sadness at their Thanksgiving Day celebration.

When the bible says "men" it is speaking of all people. He is talking to all of His children. It is important to forgive others as Christ forgives us. We can learn to keep our temper in check. God loves to help us! When we ask Him to help, He will! He wants us to thank Him and praise Him for everything He does. He knows anger will get in the way of how we love Him and others. God does not want us to keep any place in our heart for anger to take up residence. Fill that place up with more of Him and His goodness.
©1999 Cherbear
This Week's Insights devotion for teens
Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to thank God for all your blessings!
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