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These are the Teen Trails of Truth for Youth Illustrated Bible Studies in Cherbears Den Teen Caverns. This is a Gospel for Teens and Preteens page presenting salvation through Jesus Christ!

"In your anger do not sin"...
Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry....

Ephesians 4:26

Two Part Thanksgiving Study - Watch for the Sunset! part 2

Going to bed angry will cause you to feel bad when you wake up again. At the end of your day, look back. See if there is anything that you are angry about. Talking to God about the problem can help turn bad feelings into good ones. It is important that you do not keep anger in your heart.

God can give us His peace and His joy. He can help us see the truth about the problem. We are special to Him. He can guard our hearts from wrong feelings. Talking with our family and friends about our angry feelings can help. God will use them to bring peace and joy back into our heart.

Emmi Squirrel is at peace with her friends and with God. She has forgiven Cami and Joshua for not asking her to go fishing with them. Liam Leapfrog knew there was a problem and he helped Emmi see the truth about her friends. She remembered how much they love her and the fun they have together. It is time to thank God for their blessings. The Kid Cave creatures are happy they will not go to bed with anger in their hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week you spent more time thanking God for your blessings than you do any other week of the year! God says you should thank Him at all times. He wants you to love Him the way He loves you. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was full of love for God! But, I also hope all of your days are full of love for God!
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