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No Greater Love — God's Forever Valentine

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13

Rescued From the Water

Have you noticed that sometimes it is more tempting to go against God than follow Him or obey Him? Maybe it is just easier to believe a lie or ignore it than stand firmly for the truth? You do things you really don't want to do and say things you wish you had not said. All that is related to the sin nature that is in you. You are not alone! All people are born with a natural desire to sin. Selfishness and pride are right up there on the top of the list of the sinful attitudes of man.

God always knew we would need to be rescued from our sinful natures. He sent His Son, Jesus to save us, and show us how to connect our spirit to His Spirit. Jesus was God's only Son, and He did not sin. Jesus Christ willingly boar our sins on the cross so we could be rescued from Satan and his lies, our sinful flesh, and the world's temptations. Because of Him, we can be rescued from certain destruction. We can know the glory of God. Jesus is our wonderful Valentine from God!

Joshua Jackrabbit had a bad fall into the Kid Cave pond. His friends have come to rescue him. They love Joshua with God's unconditional love! They will save him and care for him. Joshua loves his Critter friends with a very thankful heart!

When we are saved, God's Holy Spirit can help us know truth from lies and good from evil. He can teach us how to love others with His unconditional love. His Word helps us to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears. He has rescued us from a second death and eternal life in Hell. He does ask for something in return. He ask us to love Him with a whole heart and trust Him. He wants our hearts to be thankful. He desires our worship and praise.
©2001 Cherbear

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