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" Do to other as you would have them do to you." Luke 6:31

Mischief in Gramma Cherbear's Den

I am sure you have been tempted to join in mischief making of one kind or another. But mischief, even when it seems harmless, is never a good idea. It all to often turns out that others are injured by it. Satan can plant all kinds of ideas in an idle mind and that would be a very good reason to keep busy with worthwhile projects.

God has given us His Holy Spirit to help us refuse the devil's temptations toward mischief. Steering our hearts and minds in thoughtful and helpful directions towards the needs of others will help us to the avoid temptation to be mischievous. I like to think, not only, "What Would Jesus Do?," but "What Did Jesus Do?" When we are truly thankful for the answer to that question, we can reach toward others with His Agape Love! It is much better for them to see Jesus in our actions and our deeds.

It's a sad day for Gramma Cherbear's Critters. The Kid Cave has been ransacked. Holes have been scratched into Gramma Cherbear's chair. Her favorite tea set is broken. The Critters will try to clean up before she returns. Joshua suspects it was Rick and Randy Raccoon up to some mischief making. Or maybe the Badger Brothers! They are known as the Kid Cave Forest mischief makers.

When harm comes to others we can use the Love of Jesus to help them. If we speak kind words or help repair the damage that mischief makers cause, we will bring joy back into someone broken heart. We might stop the mischief of others if we refuse to join in their "not so fun" games. Ask the Lord to fill your mind with good thoughts and your heart with a desire to help and not hurt.
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